Jessica Snouwaert


Panelist Mistyre Bonds and speaker OJ McGhee talk at the 2018 Wilson Caldwell Day. 

Wilson Caldwell Day bridges history and conversations about race relations at UNC

 “What is going on with Silent Sam, what is going on this political and social climate, it is a lot of polarization and isolation,” said Sloan Taylor, the media coordinator of the NAACP. “But through Wilson Caldwell and through people like Wilson Caldwell — so not just him, but the others who were dedicated to service — we learn how much we can do and how much can happen when things come together.”  

The second annual Doughnut Dash in 2012. Runners competed with a 4 mile race and eating 12 donuts. Then-sophomore Connor Belson, the first place winner, eats donuts in between running. Photo by Jason Wolonick.

Dozen Doughnut Dash returns after year off

The Dozen Doughnut Dash came back full force Saturday after a one year break. With more than 200 participants and doughnuts galore, this year's race raised over $1,500.  The Dozen Doughnut Dash, which was modeled after Raleigh's annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, donates race proceeds to the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.