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Students cheer on the UNC men’s basketball team from the risers in the Smith Center during the game against Duke on March 4, 2017.

Press Coverage Feb. 8, 2018

The battle for Tobacco Road takes place tomorrow night, and to get in the spirit, DTH Sports Editor Chapel Fowler joins Sam Jarden and Chris-Hilburn Trenkle to discuss the No. 21 North Carolina men's basketball team's chances against No. 9 Duke on Thursday night, as well as make their early picks on the 2017-18 ACC Player of the Year.

David Luckenbach, the main camera operator for "Logan," stands with his daughter Lindsay on the set of Hugh Jackman's 9th and final appearance as the iconic X-Men mutant Wolverine. Photo Courtesy of David Luckenbach.

Column: 'Logan' Oscar nomination breaks superhero genre norms

When looking at the grand scheme of things, the superhero  genre is a relatively new one in global cinema. While many genre films like the gangster flick, the war film and the western have been around since before the invention of “talking pictures” in the 1920s, the superhero film did not emerge until the release of “Superman” in 1978. This is when the genre’s evolution began.