Marcela Guimaraes


Q&A with Hammer No More the Fingers

Hammer No More the Fingers is a three-piece staple in the local music scene. Bassist Duncan Webster talked with staff writer Marcela Guimaraes about the Triangle’s influence over the years and his advice to up-and-coming bands.

Q&A with Bayside

Bayside has been going strong in the punk rock scene ever since it emerged from Queens 14 years ago. The band has just released its new albumCultand kicked off its headlining tour.

Music Review: Skaters

Skaters Manhattan ??? Rock Skaters’ Manhattan chronicles life in New York City as it transports listeners to the city by mixing natural city-scape sounds with low-tone vocals and garage pop riffs. Manhattan’s sound, although varied and at times confusing, mirrors NYC’s chaotic nature.

Artists add visual touch to local band's tunes

Music and art have long gone hand-in-hand, but Lilac Shadows is taking it one step further by merging the two into one collaborative multimedia exhibit. The four-piece band from Durham will be hosting an exhibition in conjunction to its album release of No Dark/No Light.

Movie Review: The Punk Singer

The Punk Singer ???? Set to the rowdy music of female-fronted punk rock bands, “The Punk Singer” is a great coming out story of a woman who is considered an influential figure in music. Although the movie is all about Kathleen Hanna, frontwoman of Bikini Kill, “The Punk Singer” manages to capture the feel of an underground feminist punk rock movement through the eyes of one of its chief founders.

Music Review: Zack Mexico

Zack Mexico Ephemera of Altruisms ???1/2 Rock Outer Banks natives Zack Mexico’s new album Ephemera of Altruisms embodies the true rock ‘n’ roll spirit, intertwining dreamy horror sounds with a sci-fi beach party theme.

Q&A with Manchester Orchestra

Atlanta-based rock band Manchester Orchestra tells its story through music with deep meaningful lyrics and hard-hitting guitar riffs. Staff writer Marcela Guimaraes caught up with frontman Andy Hull to talk about the band’s latest single and its upcoming record.