Nicole Booth


Landscape painter speaks at Hanes Art Center about the American aesthetic

Marc Handelman, an artist who works in painting, installation, books, film/video and photography, spoke at the NCU ART & Art History Artist Talk at Hanes Arts Center on Tuesday night.  Handelman said a lot of his painting draws on American aesthetics, so much of which is rooted in 19th century American landscape painting. His work explores how forms of rhetoric in landscape and nature appear in today’s art and politics. 

First-year raises money for Nicaraguan women in business

First-year Isabel Whelchel was sitting in her spanish class in Nicaragua when she first heard of a ‘hogar’ — a home for girls. When Whelchel visited the home, she noticed the girls had resources to be successful businesswomen, but after they attended college, many ended up not working or on the streets. 

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Family Success Alliance aims to close the achievement gap

The opportunity gap in schools can begin as soon as kindergarten. Children below the poverty line are placed at a distinct disadvantage upon the start of their educational career. The Family Success Alliance  is an organization that that is dedicated to closing that gap and building wealth in Orange County Communities. 

UNC student Elizabeth Chen attempts to score during wheelchair basketball.

Best Buddies wants to bring basketball tradition to everyone

If you think you’re athletic, you should try wheelchair basketball. You may have to rethink it.   Best Buddies, an organization at UNC that is dedicated to promoting friendship and inclusion for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities in the UNC community, hosted wheelchair basketball in the pit on Tuesday.