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UNC senior Rubi Franco Quiroz speaks at the DACA in Crisis event Monday evening, a panel discussion comprised of lawyers, activists and students about how to support the undocumented and DACAmented community.

UNC students united and outraged over DACA announcement

As the political climate in both the country and the University becomes more volatile, UNC students are continuing sight for their beliefs and make their voices heard. Last night a group of UNC students, bound by nothing except a common school and a passion for the rights of undocumented Americans, held a panel to discuss the consequences of the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA. 

Benjamin Davis, campus "yellow dude" logs onto his computer among his yellow belongings in his residence hall on Sunday.

Benjamin Davis is mellow in yellow

Outside of Graham Dormitory on a weekend afternoon, Benjamin Davis answers a question — the same one that he’s faced countless times in interactions that follow a similar, sometimes identical model: “Why do you do it?"

Noah Mancuso (left) and Graham Booth (right) jump in front of the Tian Tan "Big Buddha" in Hong Kong. 

Carolina Jump Ropers spend FWOC in Hong Kong

The Carolina men's basketball team can confidently say they ran the NCAA, but members of the Carolina Jump Rope Club took their routine to the world stage — traveling first to Florida and then to Hong Kong and walking away champions.