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New Hope searches for growth

Dr. Jake Henry seemed perplexed. He was giving a school accountability data presentation that focused on test scores for grade levels across the board and the changes — mostly positive — that Orange County Schools had made from past years. 

UNC student Psalms White speaks at a rally in front of Silent Sam.

Watch our live coverage of the Silent Sam protest

UNC's first day of class has ended with a protest in front of Silent Sam. While university officials have known about a planned rally since Monday, the cause behind the rally was unclear in a message to the campus community. 

Fetzer and Navy Field are both undergoing heavy construction this summer.

Q&A with UNC Athletics' Mike Bunting

Mike Bunting serves as UNC's Assistant Athletic Director for Facility Planning and Management, which means that he's currently very busy. UNC athletic facilities are currently undergoing a massive series of renovations this year, shuffling around and/or impacting track and field, soccer, football, field hockey and lacrosse. Summer editor Rachel Jones spoke with Bunting about the extent of the renovations and what they'll mean for the future. 


No matter where you live, on or off campus, sometimes you just need food delivered.

No matter where you live, on or off campus, sometimes you just need food delivered.

DTH at a Glance: Tough out Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, UNC! While it may be time to head back to class after a three-day weekend, you can still make time to review news from campus and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day festivities:

DTH at a Glance: A day for MLK

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, UNC! While some may celebrate by sleeping through cancelled classes and leaving particularly spicy missives in our comment section, we at the DTH are honoring the legacy of activism and organization that MLK left behind. Read on for more on that, and on what you missed over the weekend:

DTH at a Glance: OK, it's time to listen to Mariah Carey

Happy day after Halloween, UNC! I don't expect you to be up early enough to see this hit your inbox, but I do hope you all have your Christmas album of choice queued up to ride out the rest of the semester (unless you're my roommate — if you are, you've been bumping *NSYNC's "Home for Christmas" since July). 

DTH at a Glance: Renovations!

Happy Wednesday, UNC! The middle of the week always strikes me as a time to rebuild; apparently the DTH at large, Carolina Coffee Shop and college basketball historians feel the same way. Read on for the news: