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Two residents of Green Crescent Nursing Home make crafts together.

YES brings student companionship and support to the elderly

For senior Priyansh Patel, taking care of elderly relatives was simply a fundamental part of being in a family, a value he grew up with in an Indian culture. That’s why when he saw the Youth for Elderly Services booth at Fall Fest, he immediately took the chance to get involved. “There’s a great importance to the elderly or anyone that’s older than you in Indian culture,” Patel said. “You have to respect and foster them like they fostered you growing up. Those values were instilled me in an early part of my life.”

APIAutumn empowers Asian American community through month of events

Whether it be through movie screenings or food trivia, the month of events for the Asian and Pacific Islander American Autumn aims to empower and unify the APIA community at UNC. APIAutumn will feature 17 events from Oct. 23 to Nov. 18. With 18 different Asian-interest organizations collaborating, Asian Student Association president Jessie Huang said it’s the first time an event of this scale has happened on campus.

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Photo is of Nikole Hannah-Jones

Q&A with MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, UNC alum Nikole Hannah-Jones

UNC alum and The New York Times magazine writer, Nikole Hannah-Jones, was named a MacArthur Genius Grant fellow for her work and documentation on resegregation of the United States, particularly rooted in housing and education. Her work has received vast recognition, winning her a National Magazine, Peabody Award and George Polk Award. 

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Beloved media lab manager passed away; the community remembers his impact

 Greg Klaiber lives on in the memories of the UNC community, whether it be as a sound engineer, the digital media lab manager for the Media Resource Center or the guitarist for Durham-based band, American Empire.  Klaiber died on Sunday after several months battling cancer. Now, students and faculty remember a man who spent his 16 year career encouraging students’ creativity both inside the classroom and on the stage.