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NIH grants enable research

As part of the broader effort to stimulate the nation’s struggling economy, 13 UNC projects have received nearly $11.8 million from the National Institutes of Health’s Challenge Grants to tackle scientific and health-related challenges.

The UNC Dance Marathon hosted a “Battle of the Bands” Friday night at Players. DTH/Gladys Manzur

Battle of the Bands

Despite a rainy week that could have dampened recruitment efforts, UNC Dance Marathon recruiters met their goal of signing up 1,600 dancers last week.And on Friday, the group had one more spot to fill — a band to perform.

Robertson program opens to freshmen

Four freshmen, two at UNC and two at Duke, will be invited this spring to join the Robertson Scholars Program for the remainder of their undergraduate experience.Now in its 10th year, the program will open its entry to current UNC and Duke freshmen to create new avenues into the program, which directors see as a leadership development tool at both schools.The move is unusual because most merit scholarship programs similar to the Robertson are designed as recruitment tools.

UNC devises plan to avoid natural disasters

UNC might not be able to prevent hurricanes or major storms, but it is developing a plan to respond more effectively to disasters.A draft of the UNC Hazard Mitigation Plan, which evaluates the campus’ vulnerability to natural hazards and proposes recommendations for addressing them, states that high winds could present a great threat to outdated campus buildings.

Hulu CEO and UNC alumnus Jason Kiler delivers Roy H. Park Lecture

Any lecture titled “Sex Lies & Online Video: From Howell Hall to Hulu,” is bound to capture audience interest. And on Wednesday, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar did just that.A die-hard UNC fan and proud alumnus, Kilar returned to Gerrard Hall to discuss not only the impact of modern media on customer satisfaction, but also his own adventures at UNC. Kilar, invited by UNC’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication to deliver the Roy H. Park Distinguished lecture, broke his talk up into three parts: his adventure, media and “your adventure.”

UNC Seniors showcase talent to raise money

One eccentric emcee, one masked judge and more than 300 audience members filled Memorial Hall with applause Friday for the “Seniors Got Talent” show.With 10 acts, the event showcased senior talent to help fund local service projects and promote senior class unity.The performances, most of which involved music, included an acoustic guitar player, a number of piano acts and a bilingual freestyle rapping duo.

N.C. Cancer hospital holds public open house

The doors for a new age in cancer care have opened.The N.C. Cancer Hospital held an open house for the public Saturday, opening its spacious, brightly lit halls for medical professionals, community members and cancer survivors.Visitors stressed how the building’s design and the program’s new resources will revolutionize the way cancer is treated in North Carolina and on the East Coast.