Will Shropshire


Caleb Puchalski, a.k.a. Doris Locht, puts on makeup. Photo by Summer Lawrence.

Who will be crowned Miss Womanless 2018? You decide!

 “The talent portion is quite incredible,” said Grayson Hahn, who will be competing under the name Belle Tower. “We have a lot of interesting and unexpected talents from people that I think people will be very surprised to see. It’s very entertaining and very funny.” 

Minrose Gwin is an author and professor at UNC. Photo by Steve Exum.

Journalist-turned-author Minrose Gwin talks new novel

Minrose Gwin is holding a talk about her most recent novel, "Promise," at Flyleaf Books on Tuesday at 6 p.m. This journalist-turned-author is also a member of UNC faculty. Staff writer Will Shropshire spoke with Gwin about "Promise" and her advice for aspiring authors.