Zack Green

Back sweat is... Back

Spring is in full swing at Carolina with this week’s lowest and highest daytime temperatures being a warm, humid 72 and 84 degrees. The heat is back and so it the back sweat. Use these tips and don’t let your STOR 155 crush catch you looking like a swamp.

How to hit the quad

Hanging out on the quad between or after classes on a sunny afternoon is just ~so college~ but it isn’t always that easy. It’s hot, bright, the ground might be wet and sometimes that class with the tribal drums makes an appearance. It can sometimes be difficult to enjoy, especially if you’re not prepared so be sure to bring these essentials with you.

Spring cleaning: Wardrobe edition

The benefits of having an organized and minimalist wardrobe are unending. You’ll feel freer, less stressed and happier with your clothes (and your life!). Here are some guidelines and tips!