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Thursday March 30th

Congress Names 7 To Board, Calls Special Election

After appointing seven students to the Elections Board at its meeting Tuesday night, Student Congress approved a special election on Oct. 17 for vacant Congress seats and resolved that one will be held every 30 days until the seats are filled.

Following months of political turmoil surrounding student elections officials, Congress appointed Frederick Hill, a senior political science major, as vice chairman of the Elections Board for the 2000-01 academic year.

New Elections Board members are Mary Booker, a senior international studies major; Bryan Crumpler, a senior mathematical science major; Vicki Derevyanny, a senior biology major; Samuel Gantt, a senior political science major; Aaron Mintzes, a first-year law student; and Carl Piraneo, a senior history major.

In a meeting marked by both minor strife and speedy approvals, Student Congress also passed appropriations bills and made leadership appointments to student groups.

During his report, Finance Committee Chairman Mark Townsend stressed loyalty to the student body regarding the appropriation of student activity fees to campus groups.

"We are here to assess the worthiness of the program, not the worthiness of the group," he said.

The Carolina Academic Team received appropriations of $325 to cover registration and conference fees for competitions in Chattanooga, Tenn., and Charlottesville, Va. During debates, Congress members agreed that the group's academic interests make valuable contributions to the campus as a whole.

A bill appropriating $600 in activity fees to the National Society of Black Engineers also was passed after members debated the merit of the relatively large amount. A new group to the UNC campus last semester, NSBE, already has a membership of 70 students.

With the printing, publicity, registration and conference fees approved Tuesday night, the group hopes to strengthen the organization by sending members to a conference in Richmond where they will attend seminars, talk to employers and gather information to bring back to UNC. "Other universities, such as N.C. State, have very strong NSBE groups," said NSBE President Charles Campbell. "(These appropriations) will help build a similar NSBE presence at UNC."

Congress also addressed bills concerning financial law consolidation and appropriations to groups such as The New Generations Campus Ministry, Carolina Association for Medieval Studies, UNC Blue & White and Queer Network for Change.

During the meeting, Congress approved two appointments introduced by Speaker Alexandra Bell.

Finance Committee member John Vollmer was appointed to the Student Educational Library Fund Committee for the 2000-01 school year, and freshman Sheena Walters will serve as the Sergeant-at-Arms for Student Congress during the 2000-01 school year. A resolution written in committee concerning Congress's appointment to the Student Recreation Board of Directors also was passed, which made Will Lloyd a board member.

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