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Sunday May 28th

An Ode to UNC's Lovely Ladies

I've had my eyes on you for a while. I knew you were a special person from the first time I talked to you. No doubt you had the looks. Subtle attractiveness. Your natural beauty allows you to stay gorgeous at all times. Little makeup. You don't always have to squeeze into skintight outfits to show your assets. Your sunshine radiates even through sweat pants and flip-flops. Pretty face with a well-toned body. You hair feels like silk, and your soft skin is gentle to the touch. Plus you've got those delicate hands that I adore, accentuated by flawless nails. You stay fresh with light perfumes. You are a breath of fresh air every time I'm lucky enough to be in your presence. Your wardrobe is impeccable with clothes for every occasion. Your style fits your person. Instead of following trends, you set them. You are confident enough in yourself to ignore the crowd and blaze trails. You sashay through the Triangle in an array of cutting-edge fashions. It seems like you never wear the same outfit twice. Regardless of whether it's Express, Moschino, Guess, V, LVLX, Donna Karen, BeBe, D&G or Gap you always look lovely. Without question, you look good. Envious females barrage you in your suite, at the clubs and on The Yard questioning your every movement. "Where do you shop?" "How much did you pay for that cute little top?" "What are you doing tonight?" "How's your love life?" Of course, you are more than meets the eye. As our conversations became longer and more frequent, you let me see a small slice of your world. I take note of your hopes, dreams, aspirations, motives and fears. You've got it together, and you make all the right moves at all the right times. Your priorities are straight, and you know what you have to do. More impressively, you finish everything that you start. Your mental is what distances you from the pack. Every day you continue to prove that you are much more than a pretty face. You're a total package. With beauty, intelligence and an engaging personality, you've got it all. Of course what looks good isn't always good. And I only give credit where credit is due. I've done some behind-the-scenes detective work and have made a few inquiries about your person. Most females on this campus said that they love everything that you stand for. All of your friends promise eternal loyalty and respect toward you. But with any precious individual, negativity tinged with jealousy always looms large. One girl summed it up with two sentences: "I can't stand her. She thinks she is so like that." Your reputation remains spotless with the fellas. We adore you and your name floats around in all positive conversations about UNC's women. It's a fact that you look good. It's a fact that you are intelligent. It's a fact that you have a beautiful personality. It's a fact that you display a wonderful attitude. It's a fact that your radiance lights up any room and your rays of sunshine melt the clouds of the dreariest days. Your reputation is spotless. Nobody has abused or disrespected you, and there are no scandals swirling around your name. I hear nothing but positives from all that are touched by you. Your only "fault" is that you proceed cautiously with relationships. You always have been selective, and few have been able to break down your defenses and get close to you - a bad sign for men that don't recognize your inspirational nature. But a good sign for those of us that wish to treat you like the queen that you are. I remain content simply to be in your presence. I'm cool with just being friends. I love being there to observe you in your natural state. It's difficult for me to come at you the way I wish. A lady as special as you deserves undivided attention. I barely have time for myself as it is. Would the study of double-entry accounting, cool jazz, Shakespeare, Charlemagne and logistics consume all of the time I wish I could give to you? Maybe I'm just scared. I know these are simply words, but trust that my feelings are sincere. I have a genuine interest in you, and I promise to convert talk into action. Judge me for me. Don't worry about my grade point average, don't stress my major, disregard my career goals and ignore the type of car that I drive. I implore you to separate the material from the man. As all the extras are stripped from my person, what remains? If you like what you see, then we can move forward. If you don't see a person that you could be with, I'll just have to deal with that. Regardless of your stance, let me know . Dedicated to all the beautiful, respectable, top-notch women of UNC. Don't let negativity steal your shine. Reach Kofi at


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