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Saturday February 4th

OutKast Ticket-Holders Deserve Refund After Sound Screw-Up


I just wanted to voice my displeasure with end-of-Homecoming concert featuring OutKast. When I heard OutKast was coming to Carolina, I was excited to know that one of my favorite groups would be headlining our Homecoming concert. I, like many others, bought tickets (two for $30) and got ready for the "big show" Sunday night. Then on Sunday night my friends and I walked to Carmichael Auditorium. We were forced to wait in line for 45 minutes to get in, but thought, "It's OutKast, it's worth it." Finally the big moment came, and OutKast began to perform.

I was very disappointed, though, to say the least. Between the loud screeches, feedback, broken microphones and just a generally screwed-up sound system, I was only able to actually sing along to maybe two songs. It sucked. I don't know who was in charge of sound checks or the sound system, but someone screwed up.

I don't blame the members of OutKast for getting angry; I would have, too. However, for them to make it sound like they were doing us a favor by not quitting the show is just ridiculous. I paid to go to the show. I paid them (OutKast and everyone in charge of the show) for a performance. I did not receive one.

I think, in all fairness, everyone should be given a refund, or at least a partial one. I paid for a show; I should have gotten one.

Jason Sayewich


Business Administration


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