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Test Your Knowledge With the DTH's Election Quiz

With all of the confusion surrounding the presidential election, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the many complicated developments.

Just how much do you really know about the Florida recount? What do you truly understand about the most important test of our democratic system? To test your knowledge, we proudly present The Daily Tar Heel's Election Quiz:

1. The state of Florida:

A. Has 25 electoral votes which will determine the winner of the election.

B. Should be returned to Spain as soon as possible.

C. Has now replaced South Carolina as the most embarrassing state in the nation.

2. Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris:

A. Will certify the state's election results.

B. Is secretly hoping for an ambassadorship in a Bush administration.

C. Should really get a refund from her plastic surgeon.

3. Texas Gov. George W. Bush:

A. Wants the election to be decided as soon as possible.

B. Is feeling self-conscious about his boil.

C. Is going to give brother Jeb an atomic wedgie if he loses.

4. Vice President Al Gore is waiting:

A. For the Florida Supreme Court to make its ruling concerning hand recounts.

B. For his crack team of lawyers to win the election for him.

C. For his aides to reboot him.

5. Green Party candidate Ralph Nader is:

A. Continuing to promote Green Party candidates across the country.

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B. Pondering another presidential run in 2004.

C. About to be run over by a bunch of Corvair-driving Gore supporters.

6. The part of a voter punch card that has only been partially pushed out is called a:

A. Pregnant chad.

B. Swinging chad.

C. Chad Everett.

7. Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan is:

A. Surprised at how well he did in Palm Beach County.

B.Working on his new children's book, "My Best Friend the Butterfly Ballot."

C. Working on his 2004 campaign theme song, "Buchanan

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