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Sunday May 28th

Tuesday's Election Shows Importance Of Our Right to Vote


As the election results come in and the campus nervously watches CNN, we all realize that this is a moment that will go down in history books. There is indeed a tremendous sense of excitement to be living through a period that one day our children will study in government classes.

However, as we await the results, I think we should take a moment to reflect on this election and its possible impacts on elections in the future.

With the results in Florida only a few thousand votes apart, one can no longer say, "One vote isn't going to change anything." I am sure Tuesday at least 2,000 Floridians thought their vote wasn't really going to matter.

I hope they are kicking themselves today. Voter apathy disgusted me yesterday; today it makes me nauseous. The next president of our country will be determined with a margin of less than 1 percent of the voter turnout in Florida, a few thousand people. This should be a wake-up call to all those who said, "My vote won't change anything."

Whatever the results of this election, I'll be happy if it teaches Americans the importance of exercising their right to vote.

Katie Good




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