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Sunday April 2nd

Inauguration Front Page Evidence of Liberal Bias,\Disappointing to Reader

Well, after four years of seeing a repeated trend of favoritism on campus and in The Daily Tar Heel, the front page of the Jan. 22 the DTH confirmed all suspicions. When most newspapers across the state were printing headlines containing appropriate news, such as "New President Sworn In" or "Bush Promises ...," our left-wing paper decided to show the minority view of our country's inauguration - that of protests and, quite simply, whining.

"Amid Clamor ...," it read. Exactly how much of the inauguration celebration was marked by a chaotic demonstration? In news across the country, the protesters weren't marked by more than a one- or two-sentence notice. If anything, the protesters didn't come anywhere close to the size of citizens who were there to support our new president, much less act in accordance with being a decent citizen by respecting a national tradition.

Another way in which the DTH showed its colors was in the next headline, "Rain Does Not Dampen Spirits of Dissent, Celebration." You've got to be kidding me. Which one of these should take precedence in a newspaper that reports facts: the minority dissent or the majority, national interest of celebration? Directly under this sad piece of propaganda sat two embarrassing subheadings, "D.C Hears Protesters From UNC" and "Demonstrations Mark Bush's Inauguration."

I'm so glad the students got a chance to protest the supreme evil of our president and brave those horrid elements, like (oh no) rain. You said they braved the elements. If you wanted to come out and say how much you wanted Gore to win, do it. Don't hide behind kids that have too much time on their hands and feel the need to cause a disturbance because they haven't matured yet.

If Gore had won, I would support him. Not because I'm a Democrat or any affiliation, but because he's my president. I ask the DTH to never compromise the journalistic rectitude they demonstrated in the past.

You could have at least done a separate article on the band, which actually represented our University. But no, someone thinks the world is wrong and we need to see their sign.

The front page should be seen by all groups on this campus as a disgrace to unbiased journalism. Grow up, get over it and stop ruining my life.

Luke Buchanan


Political Science

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