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Monday March 20th

Country Is Avoiding Its Racial Policies by Pulling Out of U.N. Conference

The United States' decision to pull its delegates from the World Conference on Racism is a sad commentary on its failure to address its own racial policies. The United States is using what it deems racist language from some Arab nations concerning Zionism as a cover for the real reasons why it is not participating in the conference.

Truth be told, the U.S. government did not want to get involved in the conference because it knew that the recent and past racial policies of the United States were included in the agenda. While willing to condemn the racism of others, America is unwilling to be held to that same standard.

It is understandable why a country that claims to lead the fight against racial oppression in the world yet stubbornly and blatantly refuses to face up to its own racist practices would not want to subject itself to the scrutiny of other nations.

The United States comes off as a spoiled child who is more than willing to point the finger but refuses to play when the finger is pointed back at him. As long as the "sins" of other countries are being discussed, the U.S. government is quick to criticize, however, when forced to look at the dirt in its own back yard, suddenly the United States cannot see its way to lead.

The beacon of democracy can not just address racism in nations out of the influence of the American government but must prove itself a true leader by first ensuring the eradication of racism within its own boundaries and the boundaries of its allies. America's racial problems will not simply go away if ignored long enough. Until America elects a government with the courage to address these self-inflicted wounds, America will continue to wallow in its own hypocrisy.

Nikole S. Hannah
Graduate Student
Journalism and Mass Communication

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