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Thursday June 1st

Dive Recommends

Adam Gopnik's "Paris to the Moon," (Random House, $24.95): Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker journalist, relates lively anecdotes and insights on the idiosyncrasies of the French and their culture. It's a guide on how to appreciate the French for their way of life and mannerisms, which are often lost on American tourists. It's an extremely easy, funny read, just what you need after that highly entertaining microbiology textbook.

Remedy, Basement Jaxx: This CD is of the funky, catchy techno genre. I noticed one of the tunes on this CD was in an MTV commercial during the VMAs. You might want to try their new CD, Rooty, which I haven't had the money to buy, but these guys are amazing artists so I'm sure it's good.

Smoking a Cuban cigar: If you can get your hands on the contraband it'll be the finest smoke you'll ever have, even if you don't smoke. Who cares if the Cuban government once pointed missiles at us, we should make peace with them just for their excellent tobacco products.

Parcheesi: This game is ridiculously easy, but can get competitive, especially if beer is being consumed as the dice are being rolled.

Not watching TV: It's a waste of your time, unless it's the "Justice Files" on the Discovery Channel, which will scare you silly but make you really happy. There are smart, determined FBI guys out there stopping psychos from getting you next.

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