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Saturday April 1st

Student Emphasizes That Many Liberties Resulted From Success in Fighting

I think that many of the students at UNC that have been protesting U.S. military action in Afghanistan and writing articles of this sort are overlooking a very important fact. Everything we do in our lives from morning to night, from writing in to a newspaper to voting, has been given to us because people fought, killed and died for these freedoms. So before you sign your petition protesting war, think about how that right was given to you.

U.S. retaliation against terrorism is not "an eye for an eye," it is a protection of freedom and democracy. Bombing a building in Afghanistan filled with 5,000 innocent men women and children would be "an eye for and eye." The United States will not do this. Will there be civilian casualties? Of course, but we will not purposely kill the innocent people of Afghanistan.

It is a terrible fact that there is certain evil in this world that cannot be ignored or dealt with peacefully. It can only be fought. Imagine if the entire world during World War II, in the name of pacifism and peace, threw down their arms against Nazi Germany and allowed Hitler to take over the world, exterminate the Jews and place all of us under a fascist dictatorship. This is obviously not an acceptable option.

Certain evil must be removed by force and terrorism is an evil that falls under this category. I agree that the United States has engaged in questionable wars and military action in the past, but certainly nothing can be compared to our current situation. The students of UNC must not contribute to any division of our country during these times. The United States must indeed remain one nation under God, or we will very well lose the freedoms that millions have given their lives for.

Jason Rolland

Graduate Student


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