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Writer Offers Advice On Bicyclists' Safety In, Around Chapel Hill

I share the following excerpts from the booklet "Road Vogue, Classy Cycling in Chapel Hill and Carrboro" by Wayne Pein. I encourage cyclists, motorists, parents and teachers of children who ride bikes to read the booklet in its entirety.

"N.C. traffic code states that bicycles are legal vehicles and people who ride a bicycle have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles. This means that:

(a) Bicycles are legally entitled to use of the full lane if they choose.

(b) Motor vehicle drivers wishing to pass a bicycle rider may do so only when there is ample clearance and no oncoming traffic in the opposing lane.

(c) People on bicycles must obey all laws and rules of the road."

The following are just a few of the many epigrams and guidelines.

(a) Go With the Flow -- Ride right, with traffic, not facing traffic.

(b) Skip the Sidewalk -- Don't ride on sidewalks, but if you do where not specifically illegal, ride slowly, politely alert to pedestrians, and be prepared to yield at all junctions.

(c) Appealing Yielding -- Yield when changing lanes. Look back for close traffic; don't trust your hearing.

(d) Position Prudence -- RIDE BIG.

Here's wishing happy and safe cycling and motoring to all!

Laura Shmania

Chapel Hill

White Suburban Kids Not to Blame for Killing Hip-Hop Music


I am writing in response to the article entitled "How Suburban White America Killed Hip Hop" published in the Opinion section of Tuesday's issue of The Daily Tar Heel. I write as a member of Baylin's "army of privileged suburban white kids." I too, recall strikingly similar childhood memories of private schools and Volvo station wagons. I commend Josh for his well-written column and admit to being thoroughly entertained while diligently reading every word. However, I cannot help but argue against your accusations.

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There is no reason to point the finger at the young upper class American population. The blame clearly lies in a much broader category: Yes, "I'm talkin' about my generation." The popularity of this ear-wrenching music we call "pop," Baylin's examples being Outkast, Puff Daddy, Jay Z, 2 Pac, Biggie and even Wu-Tang, is equally popular among all races. It is not an issue of race or social status but rather a lack of ability. Ability to appreciate and "hear" good music.

Society's obsession with appearance has deafened popular American culture of all races to good music. Our world has become so heavily based on the importance of image from music videos to CD covers to magazines that there is no room to simply appreciate the music.

As for Josh, I am quite impressed with his preference of music. I question the purpose of his article -- to make a point or score a few more friends from the black community, seeing that they are vital to his existence.

Carey Fetting-Smith



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