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Add Some Flair to Your Food

Shaped Accents
All you need for this is anything that could be cut with cookie cutters. They are a universal tool too often overlooked by the Food Network.


1. Cut bell peppers, apple slices or anything large enough to get a cookie cutter onto, then make them into shapes and use as garnish.

2. Cookie-cut lunch meat, cheese and sliced bread into fun little sandwiches for the kiddies.

3. Slice potatoes, cut with cookie cutters and bake with some spices for tasty, shaped fries.

Citrus Twist

A simple way to garnish just about anything is with a citrus twist. Whether it's an entree, dessert or fancy appetizer, a couple of twists add character and color.


1. Thinly slice an orange, lime or lemon.

2. Make a cut from the rind three-quarters of the way to the opposing rind.

3. Take the slice on either side of the cut and twist in opposite directions.

4. Repeat as desired.

Smoked Salmon Rosebud

Don't get scared yet. This garnish is easy and can be used to dress up a variety of dishes, but it is used by caterer Matt Trexler from Salisbury to dress up salmon dip.


1. Grab a bacon-looking strip of smoked salmon, and after laying it flat, begin rolling tightly.

2. Pull lightly from middle of roll to shape into a more bud-like shape.

3. Grab non-poisonous leaves (if it's a rose leaf, even better) to place rosebud onto.

4. Place leaves and rosebud around food or on top for a fancy touch.

Strawberry Fans

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Easy way to make a fruit plate, fruity alcoholic concoction, dinner plate or just about anything a little prettier.


1. Find a decent sized strawberry -- not a huge misshapen one or a little runt.

2. Slice 3 to 4 slits from the tapered end of the berry to close to the leaves.

3. Carefully pull and extend the folds, making them fan out.

4. Put wherever you want.

Cucumber Canoe

Ever look at a veggie tray and think it just looks boring? The cucumber canoe will be sure to be the focal point of party discussion as it is edible and purposeful.


1. Find a huge cucumber.

2. Slice off a section of the cucumber lengthways, making a flat surface for it to sit on.

3. Slice a long C-shaped cut into the other side of the cucumber, making a eye shape, and remove the section. Be careful to not cut through the bottom of the cucumber.

4. Set cucumber on flat side and fill the middle of the cucumber with ranch dressing or whatever veggie dip you choose.