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Wednesday January 26th

As it was meant to be

Wednesday, UNC will celebrate its 212th birthday. Today, we offer thoughts from friends and critics of the University - and excerpts from then-President John F. Kennedy's 1961 University Day address.

William Davie

"It is the indispensable duty of every Legislature to consult the happiness of a rising generation - by paying the strictest attention to their education."


Paul Green

"The University is like a lighthouse which throws a beam out to the far horizons of the South, yet is dark at its own base."


John Hill

"The University of North Carolina is the lengthened shadow, not of one man, but of a whole people - united in a grand struggle for civil and religious liberty."


Michael Hooker

"My memories of Chapel Hill carry with them a quality of magic which is present to this day. As soon as I step on campus, I am filled with that feeling of respect."


Dean Smith

"Athletics is to the University like a front porch is to a home. It is the most visible part, yet certainly not the most important."


David Clark

"It is well known that within this faculty is a small group of radicals who are in an insidious manner eternally fighting that which they call 'capitalism.'"


Gary Waller

"A few centuries ago, the universities had to free themselves from repressive church control. Now, we are refugees from a repressive university."


Joseph Caldwell

"Though the attainment of knowledge may be rendered comparatively easy, it is chimerical to propose that it shall be universally - without expense."

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