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Sunday January 24th

Column disregarded all principles, law in argument


 In his column titled “Make ‘access’ meaningful” (Sept. 30), editorial board member Christian Yoder argues why illegal immigrants should be able to pay in-state tuition.

 I am a full-time international student here at UNC. Like all other international students, I pay the significantly larger out-of-state tuition. I am appalled at how Yoder wants to change the rules only for one group of people, displaying a complete lack of principles.

 It is ridiculous that illegal immigrants should get special treatment. Illegal immigrants are not legal residents of this state. They have to face the consequences of that. If they don’t like it, they can go to school somewhere else.

In their defense, Yoder puts forth the argument that since they actually pay sales and property taxes, they should fall in the category of citizens that reside legally in the state. May I remind Yoder that the international students who have come to this state also pay sales and property taxes on our cars and residences. So if you follow his argument, then we should also get in-state tuition since we contribute to the state’s revenue.

These pro-immigration advocates need to stop throwing away all principles of law and common sense, but rather focus their efforts on national immigration reform.

The only way to solve the immigration issue is a national reform. The solution in a democracy is rarely to give special treatment.

Marius Lorentzen
Economics, Political Science

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