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Friday June 2nd

Kvetching board for Feb. 19, 2010


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

What could be better than waking up to the sight, sound and smell of sewage seeping into my room twice in three days?

Dear Alpine: It’s not your fault, but I just ate the wax paper.

To the guys in my lab: Stop lying to yourselves. Your relationship has moved beyond a bromance.

Dear suitemate: It’s sad that the highlight of my day is when I DON’T see you naked.

To the dirty, old underwear on the sidewalk in front of Peabody: Where did you come from, and why are you still there?

“What he lacks in girth, he makes up for in length” — Seriously, basketball announcer?

To the girl on the phone in the Cabaret yelling out her symptoms: I’m no doctor, but I advise you to take a pregnancy test ASAP.

To the girl who asked our chemistry professor if she would get an A in the class if she got a 100 on every exam: I don’t think you need to worry about perfect scores.

You know it’s a great Valentine’s Day when you try to buy the $5 reject roses for yourself and Trader Joe’s rejects your credit card.

To the girl with the purple coat, shoes and hair: Stop stealing my style. Love, Barney.

Is it really a surprise that the guy in the dorm most obsessed with ChatRoulette has a pornstache?

If half the people that kvetch about someone being so beautiful would just go up and actually say it, that New York Times article might have read very differently.

DTH: You reject me more than the entire male gender ever has. Why must you demolish my self-esteem each Friday morning?

To my chemistry TA: Could you grade as nicely as you look?

To the boy wearing American-flag pants on Monday: Thank you for reminding us all of Presidents Day in your own unique way.

To the girl at Rams Head putting ice cream in her to-go box: Really?

Wow, DTH. Looks like Candice gives you a Woodcock judging from the size of the picture in last week’s paper.

To the girl with the head lamp during the blackout: Were you just spelunking in your room?

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