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Sunday May 16th

Brennan Williams likes the Patriots, guitar

Brennan Williams is a sophomore offensive tackle on North Carolina’s football team. But Williams is not the “typical” football player. Assistant Sports Editor Mark Thompson sat down with Williams to discuss the New England Patriots, the bass guitar and Halo.

Mark Thompson: Against LSU, it seemed like you played some good minutes. What was it like to play in that game?

Brennan Williams: It was just a great experience to get into that. I was looking forward to it for a while. I knew I was going to play, so it’s pretty good going in.

MT: So your dad played in the NFL. With him doing that, were you always around pros and just hanging out with him and the rest of the pros?

BW: Um, yeah generally. He went away for training camp, but when the season came around I got to go to a lot of games.

MT: He played for three different teams — one of them was the Patriots. I read online that if you could play for a team, it would be the Patriots. I know you’re from Massachusetts. Is that pretty much why?
BW: Yeah, not necessarily because he played but just being from Massachusetts, being close to home and family.

MT: So you’re a Patriots fan? Randy Moss just came out recently and said that the people of the New England area ‘don’t want to see me do good.’ What would you say to that?

BW: Uh, I didn’t even know he said that (laughs). It’s just the Massachusetts fans. They’re definitely a different breed, so it’s a tougher crowd to get going.

MT: Did you ever used to want to play running back?

BW: Did I ever? Um, yeah, who didn’t? There’s one point in Pop Warner when you’re in between and everybody can play anything. My dad always knew I was going to be an offensive or defensive lineman. So there was one point I wanted to try and play fullback, but that didn’t work out.

MT: Do you still have dreams of being a fullback or a running back?

BW: (laughs) No, I think it’s pretty much done for me.

MT: What’s your 40-time?

BW: Uh, 40-time is about a five-flat.

MT: Oh, you’re fast enough. Anyway, I saw that your favorite possession is your bass guitar, so I take it you play bass guitar. How long have you been doing that?

BW: Um, I think I got it for my 16th birthday. So, I’m 19. Three years. *
MT:* When you play do you make that typical bass player face where you stick the lips out?

BW: Oh, you’ve got to do it. Yeah, the funky face (laughs). Yeah, obviously.

MT: I know you said you’d like to play for the Patriots, but the Cowboys’ offensive line has a band called Free Reign. I don’t know if you knew that.

BW: Do they?

MT: They do, it’s called Free Reign. Would you maybe consider, if you can play for them, joining the band or asking them if you can join it?

BW: Yeah, and then I could play under that giant TV too.

MT: What’s the one thing that you would want people to know about Brennan Williams?

BW: The one thing I would want people to know about Brennan Williams is that I’m not a typical football player. Up until I came to college I didn’t really watch much football. None of my friends were really football players. I’m kind of like a big video game, music nerd (laughs). *
MT:* With your dad playing in the NFL, you said you didn’t watch a lot of football. Why didn’t you ever?

BW: I went to the games but I was so young that it was just, “Oh, that’s my dad out there.” But aside from that, my brother, like I said, he’s way more a student of the game. Watches games every week. I can’t do that.

MT: How did you get into music?

BW: I just was always interested. I like rock music so I kind of figured that because the bass had less strings it would be easier — it’s not (laughs). And it’s bigger too, so I would kind of look funny with a little guitar.

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