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Saturday June 3rd

Kvetching board for April 15, 2011

v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Dear Quinn, Law and Order SVU has better story lines than the one you made up.

Anyone that still wants to argue about abortion should have to ride the N bus on a Friday afternoon.

Cargo shorts wearers, sweatpants and uggs girls, HvZ participants, flagpole smokers, and obnoxious longboarders: you give the rest of us GDI’s a bad name.

To the underclassman who asked me if I was studying on a Thursday night: I’m a senior, who the @#$! are you?!

Why can the DTH say the f-word (three letters) but Kobe Bryant can’t?

To the girl wearing a multi-colored button-up polo three sizes too big: Tying the shirt to show off your midriff added extra class to your walk of shame.

When the price of gas is higher than my GPA, it’s a problem.

To the jacked guy who was chewing tobacco while working out in the SRC: You are my hero.

My idea of tanning consists of an afternoon downing Blue Moons at Bob’s #tfm.

To the creeper I caught watching me have sex outdoors, you wish your Saturday night was as good as mine.

To the cute girl in my Drama class named Sarah Connor: Come with me if you want to live.

Is anyone else reminded of the “Burnouts” table in Mean Girls when they pass the smokers in Polk Place?

@DTH: I’d like to see more hashtags in the paper. Because it makes sense to talk like that outside of twitter. #NOT.

The Snoop Dogg concert is like admission to UNC, its highly sought after and State students can’t get in.

To my ex-boyfriend: We should never ever get back together, but I still appreciate that you’re the only person that will respond without blinking when I suggest having “ravenous hyena sex.”

Those “Carolina girls: Best in the world” T-shirts may be misleading, but there is a reason why they never even made those shirts about Carolina guys.

To the girls around campus wearing Uggs with their running shorts: Your outfit is a complete contradiction. Please make up your mind.

As temperatures go up, necklines go down. UNC’s favorite inverse relationship.

To the girl judging me in my walk of shame on Sunday morning, at least I’m getting some.

Since when have there been more hipsters in Chapel Hill than straight men?

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