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Friday August 12th

Look to history when voting on amendment


In response to the article, “Gay couples protest for marriage,” on Oct. 17:

Fifty years ago, our country was in upheaval over the civil rights of black individuals. Citizens fought for their right to live healthy, productive lives with the same advantages as their white neighbors.

Today, many people choose to ignore that our country is in a similar fight.

More than 645,000 couples (identified by the 2010 U.S. Census) across the country face discrimination by not being allowed to marry the person of their choice. We have federally mandated who has the right to access more than 1,100 benefits reserved as special privileges for heterosexual married couples.

North Carolina should be ashamed to announce that it has made no progress in moving toward a more equal and accepting society, evidenced by the recent amendment passed by the N.C. General Assembly.

This is not representative of the hard work that gay marriage supporters have done in advocacy, but of the lack of state-sponsored equal rights laws.

The couples that are standing up for their right to be recognized as married individuals should be applauded for their enthusiasm and perseverance despite such an unwavering social climate.

Residents of this fine state should look back at their history books. It seems like the 20 same-sex couples campaigning for their rights in Asheville already did.

Civil rights have been won, right? Why must we continue to repeat history? So many people were afraid to accept black citizens as equals and discontinue the unjust, appalling “separate but equal” laws that plagued our country. However, protests, sit-ins and unfailing determination proved that our country can progress toward being more open-minded and accepting of a variety of lifestyles.

We must stop concentrating on fighting each other and concentrate on building our country into an ideal place to live — gay or straight.

Civil rights will prevail, as proven throughout history.

Jackie Mroz
Graduate Student
Social Work

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