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Friday August 19th

Kvetching board for March 2, 2012

v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Spring Break, defined by UNC Professors: “a whole week to study for an exam on the following Monday.”

To the person sitting alone at a four person table in Lenior: You go Glenn Coco! #HaterzGonHate

Pit sitting, laying on the quad, girls in yoga pants, leggings and mini skirts all in one week. Thank you, Mother Nature. I’m not complaining.

To my Chem 241 professor, Aye yo Domenic don’t Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium with me.

If ITS didn’t make me change it, my ONYEN password would stay TZ44100% forever.

I have on earplugs. I can hear Christina Aguilera through your headphones. We have a problem.

To the girl who kicked me off the treadmill at the SRC: one day you will experience the disappointment of missing the last two minutes of Chopped, and you will also suffer.

To the girl putting on eye liner in the gym mirror, SRC doesn’t stand for Sorority Recreation Center.

To the 6 homeless men who surround me every time I take the D bus, one of these days I will throw a $20 on the ground and host a battle royale.

To the guy in Davis with music blasting through his headphones: it’s chill that you have Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton on repeat and all, but can you turn it down a little?

Where did all the big fish from the Union fish tank go? My sushi from Lenoir did look a little sketchy the other day.

Dear sorority girl classmate: I was at that party too. And no, you weren’t a hot mess…you were just a mess.

To the guy in my REUS 260 class: Why are you wearing your sunglasses in a moderately lit room? 1 on the douchebag meter, bro.

To the creepy worker in the Lenior men’s restroom always talking to himself in the mirror, you are literally scaring the crap out of us.

To the girls holding hands because you got the room you wanted…are we in kindergarten?

To the dude in Davis who was INCESSANTLY coughing: this place is not the hospital go take your plague somewhere else.

Carrboro mystery man in my english class: is that your personality or are you high?

The DTH’s love affair with Zach De La Rosa is like an angsty teenage romance, which begs the question: is he a vampire or a werewolf?

Send your one-to-two sentence entries to, subject line ‘kvetch.’

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