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Saturday June 3rd

NC state and local elections updates

Kerris Gordon, a sophomore Global Studies major votes Tuesday morning at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.
Buy Photos Kerris Gordon, a sophomore Global Studies major votes Tuesday morning at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

Live updates from Daily Tar Heel reporters at election parties across the state:

Party: UNC College Republicans
Time: 11:35
Update: Garrett Jacobs, chairman of College Republicans, said because Obama won re-election, things are not going to get much better because there is too much gridlock within Congress.
He said very little will be done until 2016, and Obama does not have a solid plan.
“I’m obviously disappointed, but I’m an American, and I’m not going to move to Canada,” he said.
-Lorna Holden and Lucinda Shen

Party: N.C. Democratic
Time: 11:30 p.m.
Update: Karen Jasmine, director of constituent service for the North Carolina Democratic Party, wipes tears from her eyes after the news of Obama’s election.
“I’m overwhelmed,” she said. “We work for a set of ideas, it’s not about a man,” she said.
She added that the platform is about helping more people and providing equitable progress for all, not some.
“It’s not just a victory for him, it’s a victory for us,” she added.
-John Howell

Party: N.C. GOP
Time: 11:20 p.m.
Update: Balloons descend as Robin Hayes announced that North Carolina will break for Mitt Romney.
N.C. House Speaker Tom Tillis joined in the festivities in popping balloons, celebrating Republicans gains in the N.C. House.
“When people make an informed choice, that choice is Republican,” Tillis said as he was joined by his fellow Republican legislators.
Tillis celebrated Republican victories in all three branches of North Carolina.
“Let’s continue to live up the promises that we made.”
-Eric Garcia

Party: N.C. GOP
Time: 11:11
Update: Paul Newby, surrounded by his loved ones, thanked the audience for their support.
“If you don’t believe in miracles, try running with the last name Newby in a state race and win,” Judge Newby quipped.
In his victory speech, Newby stressed the need for objectivity to interpreting the law.
“I fairly and impartially judge the law,” he said. “And now that I’m re-elected to Supreme Court, I will continue to do the same.”
Newby closed his speech with the preamble to the North Carolina State Constitution, saying God was the source of our liberties.
-Jeff Kagan

Party: N.C. Democratic
Time: 10:09 p.m.
Update: Just spoke with Rep. David Price who was re-elected this evening by NC District 4. Commenting on Walter Dalton’s loss tonight he said that Dalton ran a credible campaign but faced disadvantage because of his late start and his under-financed campaign.
Price said, “My concern is that if both houses are controlled by Republicans and we have a Republican governor, there will be no check against destructive policies.”
He said that some of these policies will de-emphasize public education and some of the Republicans don’t have much to say about higher education.
-Claire Bennett

Party: GOP party in Charlotte.
Time: 10:22 p.m.
Update: Crowd is fired up about the victory here. Party is still going strong.
“It’s time for a Carolina comeback, and it starts tonight,” said McCrory in his victory speech.
He also emphasized that North Carolina is a state with unlimited opportunity.
“I want to challenge each individual, young and old alike, to fulfill their potential,” he said. “This state has unlimited opportunity.
-Sarah Brown

Party: UNC Young Democrats Party at R&R Grill
Time: 10:18 p.m.
Update: Interview at R&R with Ellie Kinnaird, State Senate district 23 winner. Kinnaird has held this office since 1997, serving as Mayor of Carrboro from 1987-1996.
“I would like to return NC to the progressive leader in the South East that it was, we’ve gone backwards so badly and we need people to understand that,” she said.
Kinnaird wants to get citizens to talk to their legislators and make a difference. She said grassroots efforts are needed.
-Caroline Stephens

Party: N.C. GOP
Time: 10:11 p.m.
Update: Art Pope, CEO of Variety Wholesalers and early backer of Romney, was optimistic about his chances.
“I think Romney’s going to Win North Carolina based on the margin that he has.”
-Eric Garcia

Party: N.C. Democratic Party
Time: 9:46 p.m.
Update: Crowds cheering for every Democratic projected senate winner. Also, Walter Dalton will be taking no questions tonight according to Communications Director Schorr Johnson.
– Andrew Edwards

Party: Orange County GOP
Time: 9:44
Update: Karrie Mead said, “We don’t need to let (Democrats) be unopposed anymore. I went out to Chapel Hill and Carrboro and met many Republicans that were just excited that they had Republicans to meet at the polls and that they had Republicans to vote for.”
-Graham McAlister

Party: Orange County GOP
Time: 9:45
Update: Dave Carter: “It’s not this Hopey-Changey stuff, it’s a real difference”
“You don’t have to spend money to solve all problems”
-Chris Xavier

Party: R&R Grill Young Democrats Party
Time: 9:43 pm
Update: Students chant, “Fire it up, Ready to Go”. Attendance is increasing at R&R as the night goes on. Emily Bowden, 23 year old Chapel Hill resident, says she will stay till the winner is announced. She supports Obama because of “his emphasis on women’s reproductive rights, taxes, and health care reform”.

Valerie Foushee elected to NC House of Representatives for District 50.“Thanks for the support, encouragement and thank you for your votes,” Foushee said in a speech at R&R.
-Caroline Stephens

Party: N.C. GOP
Time: 9:37 p.m.
Update: Precinct Leader Bill Burton on how it feels to have N.C. going red: “Very good. That’s where it belongs.”*
-Eric Garcia

Party: Orange County GOP
Time: 9:30 p.m.
Update: Rod Chaney just conceded his race for House District 50.
“It doesn’t look like it’s my night, but hopefully it will be our night,” Chaney said. He went on to thank his family and friends who he repeatedly called his “team.”
Chaney also talked about the differences in election spending between he and his challenger, Valerie Foushee. He said she spent more than $96,000 while he spent less than $6,000.*
-Graham McAlister

Party: N.C. Republican Party, Raleigh
Time: 9:33
Update: Upon North Carolina being called for Republican Nominee Mitt Romney by CBS news, the room erupted in whoops, cheers and howling. However, when New Hampshire was called for President Obama, the room resounded with boos.
-Eric Garcia

Party: UNC College Republicans at Top of the Hill
Time: 9:23 p.m.
Update: Fox News just reported that the Republicans retained the majority in the House of Representatives. Party attendees cheered, girl beside me just went, (Krissi Fajgenbaum, Sophomore, Econ major), “Hell yes.”
“I’m really excited and really nervous,” she said.” “I have high hopes for Romney, so I hope he pulls through.”
– Lucinda Shen and Lorna Holden

Party: N.C. Democratic Party in Raleigh
Time: 9:21 pm
Update: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walter Dalton just gave his concession speech in Raleigh, saying that his campaign did what it could with limited resources.
“It looks like time has run out on this campaign, but we have not lost ,” he said. “We always ran to win and I am proud of that.”
– Claire Williams

Party: Orange County GOP party
Time: 9:14 p.m.
Update: Rod Chaney is optimistic about his chances in N.C. District 50, despite currently being down. He said he has done well in Durham and those are the results he believes will determine the race – but those are also the results that haven’t come in yet.
-Graham McAlister

Party: UNC College Republicans at Top of the Hill
Time: 9:06 p.m.
Update: Brandon Hartness, Executive Vice Chair of College Republicans said, “It’s great, really looking great. Now it just comes down to Ohio, so we’ll wait and see.”
Hartness said both higher and public education will improve in terms of efficiency with McCrory’s election.
“When the budgets are so tight, money needs to be moved around.”
-Lucinda Shen and Lorna Holden

Party: Orange County GOP
Time: 9:04 p.m.
Update: Karrie Mead has lost the race for District 56 State House Representative. She said it was a great experience and is going to go back to work at her old job in the mental health field.
“You just never know what life’s going to bring you and what your challenges are going to be,” she said.
According to the Orange County Board of Elections, Mead attained 23 percent of votes, incumbent Rep. Verla Inkso had 77 percent.
-Chris Xavier

Party: Young Democrats Party at R&R Grill
Time: 9:09 pm
Update: Crowd claps and cheers as Obama’s win of New Jersey is announced.
Ryan Oberfelder, UNC freshman from Wake County, is in attendance at Young Democrats party.
“I voted for Obama because of liberal policies,” he said. “The economy, and stimulus. It’s slow (the economy), but we are coming back.”
– Caroline Stephens

Party: Orange County GOP
Time: 9:10 p.m.
Update: Although the viewing party was slated to end 10 minutes ago, very few people have left Sunrise Church. It appears the close presidential race, and the closest local race between Rod Chaney (who is in attendance) and Valerie Foushee for NC House District 50 are keeping people alert, engaged and present.
-Graham McAlister

Party: N.C. GOP Party
Time: 9:08 p.m.
Update: Governor-elect Pat McCrory may have been in Charlotte, but there is no shortage of excitement in Raleigh.
Once he mentioned he was heading to Raleigh, applause broke out.
-Eric Garcia

Party: UNC College Republicans at Top of the Hill
Time: 8:58 p.m.
Update: Tory Whitson, a senior Global Studies and Peace War and Defense major, who is socially liberal and economically conservative was more strongly swayed by Romney’s economic policies.
“We were talking about it on the way here, we’re excited about it, but we weren’t terribly excited about either of the candidates. We’re worried about whether or not we will have jobs. Obama’s policies haven’t been terrible, but not a lot has happened. It really bothers me that I’m taking out loans and 50 percent of them are going to underprivileged kids’ education, when I’m really in the same situation.”
-Lucinda Shen and Lorna Holden

Party: N.C. Democratic Party
Time: 8:49
Update: Debra Ross, N.C. General Assembly House District 38, thanks supporters for all of their help and enthusiasm. She predicts it will be a long night, but she said, “We know you have the stamina and the fight.”
By the end of the night, she said, there will be a lot to celebrate in N.C.
-Claire Bennett

Party: N.C. Democratic Party
Time: 8:53
Update: Attorney General Roy Cooper gave an emotional speech after being re-elected. He ran unopposed.
Cooper said this is his first victory speech without his parents present. He celebrated his mother’s 83rd birthday Monday. He asked the audience to keep his parents and their health in mind.
-Claire Williams

Party: GOP Party in Charlotte
Time: 8:50 p.m.
Update: People are getting anxious to see the new N.C. governor. He has yet to make an appearance. Should be making his victory speech in about 15 minutes.
Lt. Gov. Dalton just officially conceded to Pat McCrory.
Everyone in attendance is thrilled with the McCrory victory.
McCrory is the first Republican governor in N.C. in 20 years, and it’s the first time in over 100 years that the governor’s seat and both houses of the state legislature will likely be under Republican control.
-Sarah Brown

Party: UNC College Republicans at Top of the Hill
Time: 8:45
Update: Garrett Jacobs, chairman of College Republicans, said he believes higher education and social issues should be more in control of the state government. If localized, then people can decide for themselves and people can choose to live where the law applies to them.
The McCrory win will make everything more efficient, he said. The state will be smoother running, and there will be less in-fighting if both the N.C. General Assembly and the governor are Republican, Jacobs said.
-Lucinda Shen and Lorna Holden

Party: N.C. GOP Party
Time: 8:49
Update: “It is in the book. Pat McCrory is our Governor,” said N.C. GOP Chairman Robin Hayes
N.C. Rep. Paul Stam, Wake: The three things that need to be focused on are the tax system, regulation, and education system, especially K-12
-Eric Garcia

Party: GOP party in Charlotte
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Update: Just before 8:30 p.m., Republican Pat McCrory was projected the winner in the N.C. gubernatorial race over Democrat Walter Dalton. McCrory tallied 55 percent of the vote, with 39 percent of precincts reporting.
“People are ready for the change McCrory will bring to this state,” said Henry Hinton, president of Inner Banks Media in Greenville.
“What an exciting moment for North Carolina,” enthused radio personality Bob Lacy. The crowd at the G.O.P.’s party in Charlotte erupted in cheers as Lacy proclaimed, “McCrory will be the face of this state for four more years!”
McCrory will be making his speech here shortly.
-Sarah Brown

Party: UNC Young Democrats
Time: 8:41 p.m.
Update: Lots of students hanging around the bar for a closer look at CNN coverage — quite a few “boos” when North Carolina coverage showed Romney in the lead. There seems to be more than enough interest in the line for food though…
-Hayley Fowler

Party: N.C. Democratic Party
Time: 8:10
Update: Sarah Friday Peters, journalism major and graduate of UNC class of 1983, brought her two young children Lila and Walker because they have been interested in the race and reading up on it. 11-year-old Lila said, “It’s closer this time. It’s scarier.”
Peters’ family also attended the event in 2008. Sarah is the niece of the late Bill Friday.
-John Howell

Party: UNC Young Democrats Party at R&R Grill
Time: 8:36
Update: The outdoor bar is beginning to fill up. Spoke with President of Young Democrats, Austin Gilmore. He said he is “excited to get the press exposure” and have DTH reporters at the event. I talked with two different groups of freshmen who voted in their first presidential election today. Both consider themselves socially liberal and optimistic about a win for President Barack Obama tonight. As Obama takes the lead in Ohio, there are cheers of excitement at the bar.
Obama has 58 percent in Ohio. Young Democrat leaders lean up against the bar and cheer. R&R is packed. Young Democrats are on outside bar, Orange County party members are at the inside bar.
-Caroline Stephens

Party: N.C. Democratic Party
Time: 8:10
Update: The number of people in the ballroom is increasing very quickly. There is a wide variety and very interesting spectrum of people here — individuals, whole families, young children, elderly supporters. All seem to be very enthusiastic, glad to be here, eager to share energy of crowd.
-Andrew Edwards

Party: N.C. Democratic Party
Time: 8:14
Update: Young Raleigh local Kayla McNeill has confidence in an Obama victory. As for the gubernatorial race she said, “I don’t think the Dems have it.“The question is, has he been advancing hard and fast enough?” he said.
Parker, a UNC grad, said that today he has been visiting polling places and calling potential voters.
-Claire Bennett

Party: N.C. Democratic Party
Time: 8:25
Update: The presidential results coming in — people are booing and cheering as Obama wins or loses in the projected results for the states. David Parker, chairman of the N.C. Democratic Party, came to the party viewing in Raleigh with a cough that he said sounds suspiciously like bronchitis.
He said Dalton has moved up in the polls over the last few days.
“The question is, has he advanced hard and fast enough?” he said. Parker, a UNC grad, said he has spent the day making poll visits and calling potential voters.
-Claire Williams

Party: Orange County GOP
Time: 8:18
Update: The crowd in Sunrise Church has shifted from the dining area to the main viewing area to watch the races. The enthusiasm is palpable for both local candidates and the presidential election. When FOX flashed Mitt Romney’s lead in Virginia, the crowd let out a shout of excitement, indicating that everyone realizes what is at stake there.
-Graham McAlister

Party: N.C. GOP
Time: 8:15
Update: N.C. GOP Chairman Robin Hayes greeted all of the attendees.
“We have the most remarkable, capable group of volunteers,” Hayes said.
Hayes quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 for an opening prayer.
“We ask you to continue to bless this Land,” he prayed. “We ask that you help us to be to others, as you have been to U.S.”
-Eric Garcia

Party: Orange County GOP
Time: 8:14
Update: Just talked with Karrie Mead, Republican candidate for N.C. House District 56. She says she expects to win, but more importantly she just wants to let Democrats know that Republicans in North Carolina are alive and well. She said she is from California, so she is used to a very liberal setting. She said some of her more moderate policies will give her a fighting chance.
-Chris Xavier

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