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Monday August 8th

Jacquelyn Gist: Candidate for Carrboro Board of Aldermen

Gist is a seven-term incumbent

With less than a week until Election Day, The Daily Tar Heel sat down with the Carrboro Board of Aldermen candidates to discuss major issues facing the board. Election Day is Nov. 5.

Candidate name: Jacquelyn Gist

Age: 58

Daily Tar Heel: What do you think are the biggest issues in this election?

Gist: One is always how we are going to grow and still maintain our sense of identity.

So far, Carrboro has been good at that, even as the new buildings are coming. We have made sure that buildings’ look and feel fits in with Carrboro. We have been careful to support and maintain our local businesses as we continue to grow.

That’s always the issue, and it’s been that as long as I’ve been on the board. I am looking forward to continue doing that and putting in policies for neighborhood buffers and in support for neighborhood buffers.

The other issue that’s pretty serious is that the state legislature is beginning to undermine our ability to make policy decisions for our community. They are taking away decision-making capability from the municipalities.

The biggest threat with that right now has to do with our ability to make and enforce environmental regulations. We are right now in the middle of examining our environmental regulations to make sure they are as strong as we want them to be before restrictions come in.

DTH: In the past, you’ve opposed taller buildings in Carrboro. Many people have said there’s pressure on the towns to bring new residential space to improve the housing supply in Carrboro and new office space to diversify the tax base in Carrboro. Do you think Carrboro needs to do this? If so, how can the town support new housing and office space without building up?

Gist: The ordinance allowing for buildings to be up to five stories high passed a few years ago.

I have come to accept that and see that it’s the way we are going. I got over it.

I think that what we are seeing now, particularly with the new hotel and the development at the art center and Cat’s Cradle, is that we are well on our way to diversifying our tax base. Sometimes you lose a battle and you go on with it, and I think that the way we are going is just great.

When that ordinance was passed, we put in a neighborhood buffer zone so the neighborhoods downtown aren’t affected as greatly. That makes it a lot more livable and helps us diversify our tax base.

DTH: Why are you the best candidate for the job?

Gist: There’s a really strong field of good people running right now. They are very sincere and ready to prepare Carrboro.

I think I deserve one of people’s three votes. I have spent the past 23 years serving our town. My service to the town has given me the ability to have a deep understanding of the town and its residents.

Not everybody who lives in Carrboro thinks the same way and wants the same things. We are a multidimensional community and we think and respond in different ways to different opinions.

I work very hard to make sure that everyone’s voice is included and that everyone has a say in what will effect the community. Because of the time I’ve spent on the board, I can see the consequences of some things.

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