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Monday December 6th

Q&A with dynamic guitarist Steve Gunn

<p>Courtesy of Paradise of Bachelors.</p>
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Courtesy of Paradise of Bachelors.

Steve Gunn is a dynamic guitarist based in Brooklyn, New York. A wizard at the instrument in his own right, Gunn has also worked with the likes of Kurt Vile, Hiss Golden Messenger and Cian Nugent . Gunn talked with Diversions editor Allison Hussey about the breadth of his work and his North Carolina connections.

DIVERSIONS: You’ve done a lot of projects all over the place with the likes of Desert Heat, your own stuff, Golden Gunn. What would you say is the biggest thing you get out of having so many different people to work with?


Time: 9 p.m. Monday

Location: The Pinhook, 117 W. Main St., Durham


STEVE GUNN: I think the biggest thing is building a friendship and musical relationship with some really talented, dedicated, supportive people. Right now, I have a really good network of people that I can rely on to help me make music and kind of enjoy it. Doing so many different projects has helped me make new friends and exposed me to really awesome players — and friends, as well. I really value that. A lot of the musicians that I’ve collaborated with are extremely generous and patient and supportive. It’s really nice to have a network of people that I can tap into.

DIVE: And within that network, you have a lot of connections to North Carolina to record labels . How did you get involved with so many people down here?

SG: I think it was originally through the Three Lobed label — was the first label that I got involved in. And then it was just kind of by coincidence that Paradise of Bachelors is based in North Carolina. I certainly like coming down there and really enjoy playing there, and I have been coming down to the Hopscotch fest and visiting my friends there. In a way, it’s almost like a second home to me because I have so many friends, and I enjoy the venues and feel like a lot of people — even the labels — come out to the shows and stuff like that.

DIVE: With working with so many people, do you find it difficult to balance working with them with making your own material?

SG: Well, right now I’m only really concentrating on my solo stuff, and I have a band, so all of the other projects that I have aren’t really functioning at the moment. I’ve been trying to really dedicate most of my time to that, whether it’s solo playing or with a band. I actually just finished a new album. I had been working on that for a month or two. I’m giong to be doing a tour coming up later this month, which the North Carolina show will be a part of. I’ll be playing songs from my last record and some new songs. The other projects are kind of like extras when I have time off from doing my solo stuff.

DIVE: Could you tell me a little about the new record?

SG: It’s similar sort of strain — singing and basically songwriting. I invited some more musicians, so there’s a bit more instrumentation. It’s a similar thing. It’s a bit expanded, but it’s a similar sort of vibe, if you will. We’re just doing the finishing touches on it now, so we’re looking to release it in the fall at some point.

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