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Monday June 27th

Column: What the hell, Larry?

Fedora’s formula doesn’t allow either quarterback to succeed.


Daniel Wilco is a senior writer. He is a senior journalism major from Atlanta, Ga.

L arry Fedora must be a masochist. When he’s not shooting himself in the foot on the football field, he’s doing it in the pressroom.

Saturday’s 34-17 loss to Virginia Tech was the fifth game in which Fedora put Mitch Trubisky in on the game’s third drive. It was also the fourth game where that made absolutely no sense.

The two-quarterback system works worse than the Duke basketball bus in an inch of snow, and Fedora knows it.

“If we don’t move the chains and get into a rhythm on offense ... we’ll make it very tough on our team,” he said Saturday.

Can he not hear himself? On the second drive of Saturday’s game, Marquise Williams picked up 64 yards and three points. He was moving the chains, and he had gotten into a rhythm.

But that never matters in Fedora’s system. He’s not going to look at the results and reevaluate his offense because of them, no sir.

So he threw in Trubisky, who went three-and-out. UNC didn’t score another point until the fourth quarter.

This year, Trubisky has thrown two touchdowns and three interceptions. All of his picks have led to touchdowns.

What Trubisky has been able to show us includes positives that are circumstantially irrelevant and negatives that are extremely detrimental. But that’s being too harsh.

“I don’t know that Mitch has been in enough for you to see what Mitch can do,” Fedora said. “He’s not getting the reps in a game to be able to show what he can do.”

Wait. You control who gets the reps, Larry!

For Trubisky to be useful, either make him the starter and bench Williams, or wait another year and reevaluate at any time that isn’t the middle of the season.

For UNC to be successful, the two-quarterback system must be tossed.


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