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Monday January 24th

UNC weather delay throws wrench in employees' schedules

When the University closes for ice, many students turn off their alarm clocks and go back to bed. For University employees, things might not be as simple. 

At 5:45 a.m. Wednesday, the University declared it would not open until 10 a.m. because of inclement conditions. 

Clare Counihan, program coordinator for the Carolina Women’s Center, said she wished the University could have announced their decision earlier but understands the complications.

“They can’t call things too early, in case the predicted snow, sleet or plague of frogs doesn’t happen,” she said.

Counihan was excited about the delay, as it brings back childhood memories.

“Like most people, I think, I have an inner 12-year-old, who loves the idea of a snow day,” she said. 

The delay did put some strains on her morning routine.

“While there are a lot of things — like this interview — I could do from home, because of the delay today I have to reschedule a meeting that, because my colleagues are so busy and hardworking, will be difficult to reschedule,” she said.

Despite the early announcement, Charles Streeter, chairman of the Employee Forum, still ended up waking up at the same time and beginning his work.

“I turned on the news and school was delayed for 2 hours. I was already up. I just started working from home,” he said.

The delay actually ended up making him work longer than he normally would.

“I got a head start and I actually ended up working more than eight hours today,” he said.

Streeter even questioned the necessity of the delay in general.

“I was up at midnight last night, waiting for the ice and I didn’t see anything, so I was actually surprised this morning when I saw the alert,” he said.

Even with his doubts, Streeter still thinks the University made the right decision.

“I think the majority of the staff has been and will be thankful for what happened today,” he said. 

“We know from last year that you do not know what is going to happen, when or how it is going to affect things. I think they are really considering what everyone has to do to actually get to Chapel Hill."

The Department of Public Safety operates normally despite the conditions outside. Carolina Dining Services kept serving food on its normal schedule Wednesday, but kept the safety of its employees in mind.

Brandon Thomas, spokesman for Carolina Dining Services, said making sure their employees make it safely to work is a priority.

“Carolina Dining Services managers with four-wheel drives will get them to work. The safety of our employees is paramount,” he said. 

Junior Niko House said even with the extra two hours of sleep, a lot more stress would be coming in the future because of the delay's effect. 

“So in essence, it is great for safety but simultaneously creates more work for everyone,” he said. "It is a win-lose situation.”

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