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Wednesday February 8th

Faculty Athletics Committee talks student-athlete admissions

Stephen Farmer, vice provost for enrollment and undergraduate admissions, said student-athletes are subject to the same admissions processes as other students and are also subject to additional scrutiny.

“The Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Admissions is not in charge of that responsibility, neither is the Committee on Special Talent, neither is any other faculty or any other administrator,” he said. “By University policy, the admissions office makes admissions decisions, and that’s true for student-athletes, no less for any other student.”

Farmer said there has been a significant decrease in the number of student-athletes admitted with predicted grade point averages of less than a 2.3 from 2006 to 2015. According to Farmer’s data, 29 out of 157 students in 2006 had predicted GPAs below 2.3, compared to only nine out of 152 in 2015.

“Different people can have different opinions about this change, of course, but these are the facts,” he said. “They’re apples to apples comparisons from year to year.”

He said these trends mean the framework for predicted GPA has higher standards than in the past.

“If you look at the trend lines of all these and you stack them up one to the other, they tell a story,” Farmer said. “And I think what they tell is that there is a story here of progress over the long haul, not over the last year, not over the last two years, but for a long time.”

Faculty Athletics Committee chairperson Joy Renner said she is pleased with the trends in admission.

“I think we like the structure and process that’s in place. We’re holistically evaluating individuals for success at Carolina, so I think everybody feels strongly that that’s a move forward,” Renner said.

The committees then moved to closed session for about 30 minutes as they discussed data regarding specific students.

“I also feel personally just very responsible for students,” Farmer said. “I am reluctant to yield information about them that people might feel would compromise their safety at the University, compromise the experience they have here.”

After resuming open session, Beverly Taylor, a member of the Undergraduate Admissions Advisory Committee, said she doesn’t think GPA can be representative of students’ educational experiences.

“It’s kind of arrogant to say somebody with a 2.2 GPA isn’t getting an education,” she said.

Andrew Perrin, a member of the Faculty Athletics Committee, disagreed, stressing the importance of examining GPA and finding patterns among students.

Farmer said he was happy with the current trends.

“I feel great about how things are going,” Farmer said. “I feel great about the students we have here and I’m proud of them. I’m glad that they chose UNC.”


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