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Monday September 20th

Recap of the first Democratic debate for the 2016 election

Five candidates participated in the first Democratic debate for the 2016 presidential election. We broke down some of their biggest points.

Hilary Clinton

  • On her lack of consistency on issues: “I absorb new information and look at what is happening in the world.”
  • On U.S. relations with Russia and Syria: “We have to stand up to (Vladimir Putin’s) bullying.”
  • “I think being the first woman president would be quite a change.”
  • Paid maternity leave is viable, as seen in California, and will not put a strain on small businesses

Bernie Sanders
  • Raise minimum wage and introduce free public college education.
  • Take greater action in regulating Wall Street rather than having Wall Street regulate Congress.
  • Climate change is a moral issue and the fossil fuel industry is funding the Republican party.
  • Would vote yes to legalizing marijuana, because he sees too many young people in prison.

Jim Webb
  • Spoke a lot about his military experience and work at the Pentagon.
  • On immigration: “We need comprehensive reform and we need to define our borders.”
  • Need to respect the tradition of people who want to protect themselves with guns.
  • “The Democratic Party is the party who gives people who have no voice … a voice.”

Martin O'Malley
  • Would improve intelligence-gathering in foreign countries.
  • Wants to reinstate Glass-Steagall, an act that restricted commercial banks.
  • On immigration: “I am for a generous, compassionate America that says we are all in it together.”
  • As president, would plan to move America to a 100 percent clean electric grid by 2050.

Lincoln Chafee

  • Strong proponent of the Iran Deal.
  • Reminds the public that in 30 years of public service, he has had no scandals.
  • On data collecting and surveillance: “I would be in favor of addressing and reforming section 215 of the Patriot Act.”
  •  On Clinton’s email scandal: “We need someone with the best ethical standards.”

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