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Monday September 20th

Mark Kleinschmidt loses re-election to Pam Hemminger

Pam Hemminger was announced Chapel Hill Mayor after winning with  a 53.8 percent majority.
Buy Photos Pam Hemminger was announced Chapel Hill Mayor after winning with a 53.8 percent majority.

Hemminger, who was endorsed by the Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town, won the election with 53.8 percent of the votes.

Incumbent Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt received 45.11 percent, while Gary Kahn received 0.9 percent. Additionally, write-in ballots received 0.19 percent.

Hemminger gathered with her friends and family at City Kitchen to await the election results.

“I’m very pleased, very excited and very humbled all at the same time,” Hemminger said after the votes were counted.

Kleinschmidt, along with his friends, family members and supporters, heard the results of the election at The Crunkleton, a bar in Chapel Hill.

Kleinschmidt, who was first elected mayor of Chapel Hill in 2009, ran opposed for the first time in 4 years during this election.

“We have an opportunity to move forward with the work we’ve been doing,” Kleinschmidt said. “We’ve been doing it together. This isn’t my race, this is our race.”

After hearing the results, Kleinschmidt expressed his gratitude to the town of Chapel Hill.

“I’m grateful to have been mayor of the greatest town in America,” Kleinschmidt said. “During my time as mayor, we were able to harness the voices of over 10,000 people who love this town. Thank you all for the greatest gift I could have received in my life in being the mayor of this town.”

Donna Bell, Town Council incumbent, was also present at the event during the ballot counts.

“I will continue to be a strong advocate for affordable housing and making sure we make complete use of our wireless infrastructure,” Bell said. “Whatever progress we have made, I will make sure we continue to make and not turn back on.”

Following the results, Bell was re-elected to her Town Council seat.

She said she was sad for her friend Kleinschmidt but grateful to maintain her seat in the council.

"(Hemminger) will also serve us, but I will say that she will never be as good as Mark Kleinschmidt. I’m thankful for your vote, and your support, because (Chapel Hill is) one of the best places to live,” Bell said.

She said she has made progress on affordable housing and supporting young businesses, and plans to continue.

“My family came in from out of town, all my kids came home so I plan on spending some time with them too, just being excited and finding out how the rest of the races went,” Hemminger said while celebrating her election.

When asked about her plans for tomorrow morning Hemminger said, “Sleeping in, (I’m) looking forward to that.”




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