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Monday October 18th

Letter: Homelessness should not be made invisible


Recently, a nice lady came to my shop with a petition opposing the Inter-Faith Council’s proposed community kitchen. I said I supported the IFC. She said, “Oh I do too, just not in downtown Carrboro.

She was very pleasant. I am sure she is a wonderful person.

But I did not sign her petition. I decided instead to start offering free coffee to all shelter residents.

When I opened (Vinyl Perk) in October 2013, I sold my very first record to a guy staying at the shelter. He came in for a cup of coffee and saw Savoy Brown’s 1971 album “Looking In” on the wall. His face lit up. He said he had once owned that very record, one of his favorites. He kept looking at that record and shaking his head. So many years ago. He said he had to have it. He didn’t even have a turntable, but he still wanted it. He pulled coins and bills from his pocket and asked if that was enough and I said sure.

I wish the nice lady well. I am sure she and the businesses that oppose the kitchen have logical arguments. I am small potatoes, and they do not need my support.

But I know it gets cold in the winter. And I know a warm cup of coffee or tea is good for the soul, especially if you don’t have a home. And especially with music. I recommend Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On” or James Taylor “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Jay Reeves

Owner of Vinyl Perk



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