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Saturday January 22nd

Kvetching board for Jan. 15, 2016


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Dear Carolina Annual Giving: You are not “required” to ask me for money 3 times. No means no! Sincerely, 2012 grad still paying off student loans.

It sure is nice that Chapel Hill is so bike frien — boom! *crashes into GIANT pile of leaves that has consumed the bike lane.*

Now, I love nudity as much as anyone else, but please, DO NOT start noisily lining up to see the streakers in the library TWENTY MINUTES before they even come. That’s 20 whole minutes I could’ve been studying.

No but really professor, why is your syllabus in Comic Sans?

Professors should really keep the colorblind in mind when picking which graphs and charts they are using in class. I thought Sri Lanka and Canada had the same life expectancy, and could not figure out how that was possible.

PSA: N.C. State fans will be on campus on Saturday. Do not make eye contact or ask them about their engineering projects.

Shoutout to whoever made the “Brace yourselves, Frank Pray is coming” meme. You’re the real hero.

To the person who was walking an adoptable dog on campus, I appreciate what you are doing and know I want to adopt every dog but sadly I cannot at this moment.

Classes are important, but so is sleep. Heck, it is only the first week and I am already without motivation.

Alert Carolina: Creepy animated cat walks on two legs and spies on photogenic students.

Why did Alan Rickman have to die? I really wasn’t prepared to grieve for Professor Snape three times in this close succession.

When He’s Not Here temporarily loses their alcohol permit, they should change their name to “Nobody’s Here.”

#OscarsSoWhite Snow is their favorite rapper.

Anyone remember Carly Fiorina? Me neither.

To the people I ignored in the Pit today: I tried to register voters on campus before; I feel your pain, just more profoundly.

Dear Hamilton Hall: you ugly.

With the loss of State appropriations, it’s really sad to see UNC resort to drug dealing.

Abolish: New Year’s resolutions, evening classes, graduation.

Waka Flocka Flame? More like, Waka Flocka Lame... *Beavis and Butthead laugh*.

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