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Wednesday October 27th

Students weigh in: Are you a millennial who drinks wine?

According to NBC Chicago, millennials are responsible for drinking nearly half the wine consumed in the U.S. We asked students their thoughts on wine.

Rithi Sridhar

Junior, biology major

“Have you seen those boxes of Franzia at Walmart? You get a bang for your buck. So, that’s a big reason. Besides that, a lot of it is sweet, so I like that about wine.”

Cara Schumann

Junior, journalism major

“It’s a really shareable drink. You can buy a bottle or two of wine and sit down with a group of friends, and you can all have a glass of wine, and it’s really nice and enjoyable.”

Ben Eggleston

Junior, computer science major

“… if you just want to sip on something, you’ve got basically a choice between beer and wine. I bet we drink a lot of beer too. It just comes down to personal preference.” 

Laura Weng

Junior, biochemistry major

“I think wine has a major social factor, you know, like something that you drink when you’re among friends. It’s like a facilitator. It helps people bond.”

Kirklin Smith

Junior, biology major

“It’s cheap, and it gets you where you need to be faster.”

Hiren Gihwala

Sophomore, political science major

“First off, I hear wine is far healthier than beer. Also, wine is classier. You know, if you go on a date you don’t want to drink beer. You want to drink wine, right?


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