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Monday January 24th

UNC grad enters 'The Amazing Race'

Today, UNC class of 2006 graduate Erin Robinson will appear on the season premiere of CBS’ “The Amazing Race.”

Robinson was a resident advisor in Granville Towers during her time at UNC, and she looks back fondly on her years as an undergraduate.

“There are so many great memories, honestly,” she said. “The accumulation of all of it is really what made it great.”

Robinson was inspired to audition for “The Amazing Race” when CBS producers approached her at Comic-Con. She was interviewing people in costume for her job when the producers noticed her, and she began the audition process shortly after.

“It’s pretty grueling because there are a lot of teams that you’re kind of sequestered with,” she said. “You’re locked away in a hotel for several days, and you go through multiple auditions, questionnaires, tests, and you do a lot of chemistry tests with your partner.”

Robinson said communication between teams was prohibited during the auditions.

“We’d be in the same room with people or out at the pool with people, and you kind of have to scope out your competition and see who might be the people that you need to be looking out for for alliances or real threats,” she said.

Robinson met her partner Joslyn Davis at work. They both do celebrity interviews and produce stories for the entertainment news outlet, Clevver. Robinson said people recognize her and Davis from the videos.

“There were times where fans would help us out in the race because they knew who we were,” Robinson said. “It was cool to see how the two of us, from a small office in Beverly Hills, have such an international reach.”

Robinson said the travel experience was one of the best parts of participating in the race. But since she had only been abroad once, she said she was at a disadvantage.

Robinson also said she was astounded by how many cameras were on the contestants all the time. She also praised the camera crew on the show.

“They are crazy athletic, and they can run faster than you on your fastest day,” she said.

“Amazing Race” fans are excited to see a member of the UNC family on national TV.

“It’ll be a lot more interesting to watch now that I can kind of relate to the people on it,” junior Kevin Sun said.

Even those who don’t regularly watch the show said they will tune in to follow Robinson’s progress.

“I didn’t know there would be a UNC grad on the show this season,” sophomore Abby Hardin said. “I think now I’ll be more likely to keep up with it. Now I’m more invested.”

Robinson said on the race, it’s hard to slow down and appreciate your surroundings.

“It was so beautiful and fascinating and wonderful, and it’s an experience that I’m still processing.”



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