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Thursday August 11th

5 things to know about Langston Taylor, Daily Tar Heel editor-in-chief candidate

<p>Langston Taylor is a junior from Silver Spring, Md., who loves the DTH, pop-rap playlists and underachieving sports teams.</p>
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Langston Taylor is a junior from Silver Spring, Md., who loves the DTH, pop-rap playlists and underachieving sports teams.

1. He has a multilateral perspective.

Taylor began his career at The Daily Tar Heel as a writer for the university desk and earned a spot as an assistant editor of the desk one year later. He spent some time writing for the Investigations Team before landing where he is now as an assistant design and graphics editor.

Tyler Vahan, a friend and co-worker of Taylor, recognized the candidate’s diverse experience as his greatest strength.

“There are not a lot of people at this paper in a given year who understand what everyone else is doing. Not a lot of people know what goes into the nitty gritty parts of producing a paper,” Vahan said.

2. His Twitter game is more fire than yours.

Taylor currently has more Twitter followers than anyone else at the DTH.

Kelsey Weekman, the online managing editor, said, “I like to say that I am going to destroy Langston someday. But what I mean by that is that he is just really smart and he has a big brain.”

If you do not already follow him, make sure to do so immediately @LangstonITaylor.

“I do want people to know that becoming editor-in-chief would be so much more than having a Twitter presence. I care a lot about investigative long-term projects ... not just favs,” Taylor said.

3. The DTH was a major factor in his decision to attend UNC.

For Taylor, originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, Chapel Hill is not necessarily close to home. But, when he first came to campus to explore UNC as a place to study journalism, Taylor was immediately impressed by the DTH.

When he toured the newsroom during his first days on campus, he was bewildered by the passionate, busy atmosphere he encountered. Even now, as a veteran member of the busy office, its fiery nature continues to impress Taylor.

4. He is the “Brice Johnson of the office.”

Weekman identified Taylor as the Brice Johnson of the DTH staff. And, to be honest, does a better compliment exist?

“He can put the team on his back and he knows how to step up in a major way,” Weekman said.

Vahan discussed his willingness to go the extra mile. If Taylor sees something that can be made better, he is going to put the work in and do it. He is the opposite of lazy, looking for opportunities to try new things and to take the path less traveled.

5. He pays attention to the things that most people do not.

In the world of journalism, there is constant talk about the need for diversity, both in the newsroom and in content.

Taylor is not one to talk without taking action. He is known for pitching stories that are different and unfamiliar.

“Journalists have the ability and the responsibility to tell the stories of marginalized groups,” he said. “We are inundated with stories about the same groups of people. I care about journalism’s role in highlighting and elevating people who are shut out of power and shut out of common narratives.”


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