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Tuesday January 18th

Best of the 2015-2016 Kvetching Boad

Best of the 2015-2016 Kvetching Board


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

If any of y’all see Professor Tamara Barringer, a professor at the business school AND a state senator who voted for HB2, say hi! If you don’t see her around, her public emails are and

The drop button calls, a siren song so sweet, filling me with an urge I can barely defeat / And yet, alas! cruel fate — I need this class to graduate.

The DTH had the wrong clues for the puzzle on Thursday, and I demand that someone be fired over this.

What do they expect me to do to stay awake in 9 a.m. physics? Take notes?

No seriously, the DTH had the wrong clues for the puzzle on Monday too. What is the endgame here?? There must be one. I’m not letting this go.

The DTH had the answers filled in to one of last week’s crosswords. How does that even happen?

9-across. Clue: Incompetent (abbr.). 3 Letters.

The answer to the previous kvetch is DTH.

Still me, still upset about the crosswords. Has someone been fired yet?

Also still me. I feel very passionately about word puzzles — I apologize for all my cross words.

How about instead of outsourcing the Student Stores, we outsource whoever’s in charge of eduroam?

Upon talking about my stress, my friend reminded me that I am a speck on a planet in the universe. Well, this speck has the right to feel miserable about her test, OK?!

First visit back to Carolina as an alum. It’s been great to sit in the Pit, think back on memories, watch the wind blow through the trees as the Bell Tower softly chimes in the background — “Do you want to sign up for Dance Marathon?”

I have an exam in 12 hours and I am just sitting here looking at a photo of Air Bud. You all are probably much better at life than I.

Shoutout to the kid in my Political Science 100 class who asked if there was such a thing as laws before the U.S. Constitution.

I am only joining College Republicans if they change the name of their presidential position to “Justice Never Sleeps.”

The listservs I signed up for at my freshman FallFest stayed with me longer than many of my friendships.

Thanks for reading! The Kvetching Board will be back in August!


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