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Saturday January 22nd

Kvetching Board for Aug. 26, 2016


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

To the guy outside the SRC claiming a rhombus is just a square turned on its side, I hope you are not considering math as a major.

To the pharmacist who didn’t understand my Mean Girls reference, no I don’t actually think Tylenol works by burning up all your carbs.

#MakeKvetchesGreatAgain — the opinion people.

The student store has become the student bore.

Thank you, Lenoir, for playing the one Vaccines song that made me cry into my soup.

Some people are so far left here they are basically back on the right.

Another year, another meal plan, another $1,000 going to a company that supports private prisons.

What is worse than losing air conditioning for a week? Getting it back in one room at the expense of the other rooms being hotter.

I wear my socks with sandals, LET ME LIVE!!!!

Whew! I used to be so worried about the lack of Starbucks Coffee served on campus. Thank the lord on high we have another. UNC, please build more, build one on every corner even.

Same person: Can we just make every work-study a job at Starbucks? Kill any local coffee industry.

During these first few weeks I will not step foot in the Pit. I cannot sing, I don’t have any talents and I have the social will of a doorknob. So no, I don’t want to join your a cappella group.

The Daily Tar Heel had a vaping ad. Seriously, is this paper sponsored by a nicotine company?

When I first saw the construction at Hamilton Hall I briefly thought maybe, just maybe, they are destroying it for good. Maybe one day the eyesore will go.

I wish I didn’t look like Mario when I wear a hat around campus.

The (young) Pit Preacher was the last man on campus to give me his undivided attention. Even if it was to tell me my bra strap was showing.

Guy Fieri is on Instagram Stories now. WE CAN SEE HIM UNEDITED, UNCUT. Do yourself a favor and look him up. He is too good for this dark earth. He is the mayor of Flavortown.

To the girl on my floor who I said good morning to with a huge smile and she kept walking: We are no longer potential friends.

My roommate said he didn’t believe in private property, so I just started taking all of his stuff and not feeling bad about it.

RIP Krispy Kreme. It has been two years, and I will never forget you.

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