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Tuesday January 25th

Kvetching Board for Sept. 23, 2016


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Nobody wants to admit it, but the lights in Lenoir are definitely flickering because of the Demogorgon.

Why don’t you guys cover the story that so many people work for less than a living wage in Orange County? University employees too! You are falling down on the job! Editor, fix this!

The Daily Tar Heel needs to become more petty. Call people out in the Quick Hits.

Isn’t a non-profit organization that promotes capitalism an oxymoron?

Columnist Alexander Peeples’ headshot looks like the pretentious writer I have come to expect from UNC.

What’s a seven letter word for whoever keeps leaving clues out of the crossword? Starts with an A ...

Bring more dogs to campus. And more small children, if they’re funny children. And old people.

First Pluto’s not a planet and now Tuesday’s not a weekday? Get it together, DTH.


What’s my favorite LaCroix flavor? Trick question because there is no good flavor of LaCroix.

If UNC-Chapel Hill was a character from Stranger Things, whom would it be?

Someone should probably tell the political types in the Pit that their “Down with Racism” sign can be read two very different ways.

To my suitemate who left blood on the sink: Do you need an ambulance, or do you need to learn how to use a washcloth?

The column on BugFest has me (ant)icipating more from Krug.

I want there to be a new Minor, but I know the shitty first-year that tries to bring it back will never be able to do it. It might be best off dead.

Thank you to the jogger who saved my dog when he ran into traffic after getting spooked. You saved my beautiful boy!

To the new daquiri bar coming to Rosemary Street: Thank you for being near my office, and thank you for being in a basement like my soul.

My coworker made fun of me for attending BugFest. Emily, you are not better than me.

I fell down the stairs of Mitchell Hall and cried a little, should I sue the University?

#TrueKvetch for all my non-Yiddish speaking imbeciles out there: Pronounce the fucking word right.

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sentence entries to, subject line ‘kvetch.’


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