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Wednesday October 27th

Why isn't there a beer week in Orange County?

The celebration is an eight-day event showcasing local craft beers with beer tastings held across the city. However, Raleigh Beer Week doesn’t showcase the local brews in Orange County, leaving many local breweries and bars wishing Orange County had their own Beer Week.

Aaron Caracci, co-head brewer at Top of the Hill, thinks it would be fun to have an Orange County Beer Week.

“Seeing all the events now that are taking place in Raleigh with all the different breweries, it would be a good way to spotlight the craft and what we do,” he said.

Emily Akins, general manager of Tyler’s Taproom, was also open to the idea of an Orange County Beer Week.

“I think that would be great,” she said. “I think there’s some really nice authentic breweries in this county that would really benefit from that showcase. I think it’s a really beer-centric area that would do really well (with) something like that.”

Michael Meadows, general manager at Linda’s Bar and Grill, thinks there’s a good possibility that Orange County might one day host a beer week. However, one critical piece needs to fall into place.

“I think probably one of the biggest pieces anytime you do something like that is the people who are going to be organizing it, who would be doing that, how would they take it up,” Meadows said. “I think it’s totally a possibility, but it would take quite a bit of work on a few specific individuals’ part to make it happen.”

Caracci also believes strong leadership could help start a beer week in Orange County.

“There’s a small group of us who are collaborative, but a lot of the newer breweries that have opened up within Chapel Hill, Carrboro — we kinda don’t know each other,” Caracci said.

He said if someone spearheaded the event, it could be a success.

However, Meadows said the collaborative nature of the Orange County beer community makes an Orange County beer event a strong possibility.

“There is a nice amount of collaboration amongst bars and breweries around Carrboro-Chapel Hill,” he said. “We tend to be quite friendly with a couple of different places and have already collaborated with some local North Carolina breweries, we’ve collaborated with local bottle shops, we’ve collaborated with other bars. So as far as that piece goes, I think it’s absolutely a possibility.”

Chris Atkins, co-head brewer at Top of the Hill, said the Orange County beer community is very collaborative.

“They came from different places, but there’s definitely support,” Atkins said. “The guys who have been here usually reach out to the new guys, offer advice, a helping hand, whatever.”

Caracci hopes the community makes a celebration of Orange County beer a reality.

“In the future, it’s hopefully something that happens.”



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