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Saturday May 28th

Letter: Administrators are important to campus


The call for the minimization of campus administration in the article, “Instruction, not administration, is our mission” is a decree that negates the importance of administrators on the UNC campus.

Despite the prevalence of administrative bloat at universities across the nation, “(cutting) administration to the bone” is simply not the answer.

True, the mission statement of UNC and many other public universities should put learning as the primary service that colleges provide.

And yes, Margaret Spellings has the duty to make education affordable; however, the report fails to acknowledge the changing atmosphere in university competition.

Modern-day universities must now compete for its students, selling itself like a brand because of students’ expectations for on-campus amenities.

With a growing demand for new rock-climbing gyms and five-star dining hall meals, a free expense education seems more and more difficult to achieve.

Despite these frivolous costs, administration is the most beneficial amenity. Administration provides aid in job security in the future, research opportunities, grants, mental health support and more — everything that is crucial to the college experience.

While education is the core of a university, it is naive to say that a modern-day university is the same as it was 50 years ago.

In fact, higher education has evolved, so that it provides students with even greater opportunities, allowing them to succeed in the future.

Cutting administration to the bone may seem like the initial option for lowering costs of college, but the student whose university experience is slashed may claim otherwise.

Lizzie Tong


Environmental science

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