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Monday April 12th

Letter: ​Good instruction needs administration


In response to the editorial “Instruction, not administration, is our mission,” there is a fundamental flaw in the argument of the benefits of cutting administration. Administration and instruction are innately linked together.

At a research university that prides itself as a liberal arts college, instruction and administration are linked together. The administration must function well enough to hire top quality instructors at our university. The administration must be open enough to connect with its students and respond to situations quickly. Finally, the administration is more needed today than ever, in the face of crises ranging from sexual assault cases to general student health and wellness.

The idea of cutting back our campus safety department, for instance, does not sit well with many students here. The idea of not having Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) or campus health services funded fully cannot sit well with students at UNC. The university, if it followed through with cutting administration “to the bone,” may not have to worry about hiring new instructors as there would not be a demand for them. Many families rely upon the UNC’s administration to take care of their children when they send them away.

From a personal sense, I expect every student to put health and wellness before education. The personal comfort a student experiences is just as detrimental to their college experience as the actual academic rigor and learning associated with the university. The need for better administration is needed, but perhaps that may even include more administration with more programs for students and faculty. Many of our programs actually lack direction as to their purpose, and as a university we constantly hear the call for more inclusiveness on campus, such as recent editorials about safe spaces or lactation rooms. At this point we cannot possibly think about cutting programs when more programs are needed.

UNC is consistently called one of the best universities in the nation. This is not just because of our research or our academics. Our university is called one of the best because we have the best academics, sports, campus life and administration. The administration of the UNC system and UNC-Chapel Hill is considered to be the best in many circles. From our President Margaret Spellings to our Chancellor Carol Folt, our administration is admirable and should be praised.

Joshua Boone



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