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Friday May 7th

Opinion: North Carolinians should cast their votes for Hillary

Hillary Clinton is best suited to lead this country both in policy and in spirit. It is not her political resume that earns her this endorsement; it is her proven ability to truly listen to citizens’ needs and work tirelessly for their good.

Though this is not a point on her resume, it is incredibly important that Hillary Clinton is a woman. To have the opportunity not only to vote for possibly the most qualified candidate in history but also for the first woman president is monumental. Her identity has factored into her long history advocating for women’s issues, and her gender could have a tangible influence on day-to-day life for women across this nation should she be elected, catalyzing an increase in female leadership.

We are excited to vote a former secretary of state into our highest office. The demanding position both requires and hones intense expertise in foreign policy and international affairs. Secretary Clinton handled international crises as secretary of state and also used diplomacy as a tool to diffuse and prevent crises, such as during the Arab Spring.

We acknowledge that she has shown “hawkish” tendencies in the past and was quick to intervene militarily in international affairs, so we endorse with some reservations. However, we note that when U.S. presidents made some of their most tragic decisions they erred not in intention or even ideology but in competency, as with the invasion of Iraq. Clinton doesn’t lack in rich expertise or diplomatic capabilities, and we believe that her potential hawkishness will not outweigh that.

North Carolinians considering Gary Johnson should pause and seriously consider the ramifications of checking the box next to his name. Not only did his infamous Aleppo gaffe gain widespread attention, but his spin on the matter does little to allay fears. Johnson’s purportedly pacifist stance serves as a contrast to Clinton’s hawkish votes, but his foreign policy represents a lurch too far toward isolationism.

You may have noticed that we have yet to mention Clinton’s opponent. Comparing Clinton to Donald Trump is a fruitless exercise. She is clearly the better candidate — in morals, qualifications and temperament. Trump, on the other hand, consistently uses language to pander toward his base while categorically denigrating and threatening groups of people. And that’s just within the span of his campaign.

Trump would make America “great again” by dragging it back into the past. Clinton has made clear that she aspires to continue the parts of President Obama’s legacy that have worked while remaining open to policies that would set America on the track towards a prosperous future. We stand with her.

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