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Thursday April 22nd

View from the Hill: immortal and broken mic debate on SNL

The presidential debate may have been last week, but the real showdown happened on this week's Saturday Night Live — as Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon duked it out as Trump and Clinton, respectively. 

In the debate, Baldwin spewed insults at McKinnon, who tried to make herself relatable to Americans.

McKinnon acknowledged America hates her face and voice, but said if elected, she will lock herself in the oval office for four years.

“If you don’t elect me, I will continue to run for president until the day I die, and I will never die,” McKinnon said.

Because there's no better way to relate to people than being immortal.


Speaking of mortals, she brought up her human father, but seemed to stumble over what exactly his profession was. He might have printed, sold or made drapes. 

“He was relatable, and I am also relatable,” she said.

Baldwin's focus during the debate was convincing America that he won because he has a better temperament and is more presidential.

“I won the debate. I stayed calm just like I promised, and it is over,” he said as he walked off the stage two minutes and 30 seconds into the debate before being told he still had 88 minutes left. 

Speaking of bad microphones, Baldwin accused Clinton and President Obama of tampering with his microphone.

“My microphone is broken. She broke it with Obama. She and Obama stole my microphone. They took it to Kenya. They took my microphone to Kenya and they broke it and now it's broken,” he said.


McKinnon's creative juices were flowing as she declared Trump's economic plan Trumped-up, trickle-down — a name she insists she came up with on the spot.

"Right off the stiff red cuff," she said, referencing her red pantsuit.


As in the real debate, Baldwin tested McKinnon's patience with interjections, insisting everything she said was wrong. But when she accused him of never paying taxes, he admitted she was getting "warmer."

And if you doubt Trump's record about the Iraq War, just ask Sean Hannity, or as Baldwin said, "Anyone named Sean Hannity."

As expected, the internet did not keep quiet about the candidates' performances.

The debate ended on an emotional note for McKinnon when Baldwin seemed to take the bait and say all the things she hoped he would say.

“This is going so well,” she said between sobs. “It’s going exactly how I’d always dreamed.”

I wish America could say the same about this election.


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