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Chapel Hill-Carrboro is known for a lot of things — sports, music, liberalism in the center of a red state — but we think it should be known for one more thing: drunchies. Drunchies, for those who don’t know, are drunk munchies, or the food you eat when you’re intoxicated. We bravely decided to take on the challenge of finding the best and the worst drunchies in the area.

For our second review, city editor Jane Little, visual managing editor José Valle, investigations director Sara Salinas, city staff writer Olivia Ross and Swerve director Sarah Vassello took it to the place where the term jumbo slice was made popular in the South(?): Benny Cappella’s.

Like our Linda’s adventure, we started this endeavor on a Wednesday (we’re fans of pint night, y’all). We got blue cups. We got pint glasses (they were cute this time!). We petted dogs. It was a beautiful night (it was not raining).

Surprisingly, the evening was drama free — but this wasn’t necessarily a good thing. We live for drama.

At about 10 p.m., we happily walked to Benny’s and slid into a booth. It was pretty empty. For the first time ever, we noticed the “bathrooms are for paying customers only” sign and took advantage of this nice opportunity.

Sarah had never been to Benny’s before, and she was the only one. Her only previous experience with Benny’s was when José brought a giant ass pizza into the office, so she was excited. She didn’t know if there was alcohol or not in this establishment, so that was a huge question mark for her. For everyone, really.

I love big pizzas that's my f*cking problem. @scdwy13

A photo posted by José Valle (@foxiegaspie23) on

We then ordered some slices.

Here’s what we ordered

  • 1 slice pesto pepper pizza, shared by José and Sarah
  • 1 slice of cheese pizza, shared by Sara and Jane
  • 1 slice of pepperoni pizza for Olivia (everyone else is trying to be vegetarian — Sara and Sarah are succeeding, Jane is not.)

And then we recorded some of our thoughts.


“Benny’s slices are bigger than my head.” - Vin Diesel, probably

Drunk-eating pizza is really fun. Pizza is the best food that’s ever been invented, probably, besides tacos. We liked how giant the slices were, and the pizza was pretty prime.

But we weren’t drunk. We were tipsy-ish.

Benny’s is ideal when you stumble out of TOPO after one too many KC ice waters. It’s the place Jane makes all of her out-of-town friends go and she doesn’t even mind waiting in the 15 minute line.

But not being inebriated kind of takes the magic out of Benny’s. There are no drunk friends to make in the bathrooms, because they are empty. :(

Recommendation: Go to Benny’s with your herd of friends after dancing to Rihanna at TOPO.

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The morning after

“Not trying to be cheesy, but Benny’s stole a pizza my heart.” - Michelangelo

Considering we also went to Linda’s after, we have a couple of regrets.

Jane thinks our fatal flaw was sharing slices. There is nothing that truly replaces the feeling of being a monster that just demolished a slice of pizza that is bigger than your face. We didn’t have that moment.

Honestly, some of us didn’t remember that we ate Benny’s last night, but when we remembered we were very OK with it. It was a good time.

Jane Little: I love Benny’s and I always will. Jumbo slices forever.

Olivia Ross: Didn't disappoint. 

Sara Salinas: I still think that it was worth the two dollars I paid, but I also feel like when I get drunk I”m perfectly happy to spend money. So in the future, I think I’d be willing to splurge on something I really like instead of just settling and chilling at Benny’s.

José Valle: Benny’s is delicious. Benny’s drunk is just OK.

Sarah Vassello: I had a good time. Pizza is always what I like. Probably would go to Linda’s instead, but I am loyal and that’s just who I am.

Drunchies score

“Look, you need to crawl 'fore you ball." - Kanye West

Environment: 5/10. It was almost empty, so there was no one to bond with about our ‘za.

Drunchies options: 7/10. They only have pizza, but everybody loves pizza.

Price: 9/10. A lot of us split a huge slice, and it was great and we only paid $2 each. Huge fans.

Further drinking options: 6/10. They have beer specials and other drinks in the fridge. Keep drinking.